About the Class

Developing customer loyalty with the ultimate goal of creating raving fans must be a focus of all business owners. Unfortunately, most acknowledge the importance of customer loyalty but don't develop it. It's almost as though loyalty is assumed when someone buys from you.

But that's not the case. Strategies must be put in place to move suspect, then prospect and then customer up the Ladder of Loyalty until they reach the pinnacle…raving fans.

This webinar will focus on strategies that when consistently applied will increase customer loyalty to the point that customers begin selling for the owner through referrals and fabulous reviews.

Jeff will review:

  • The significance of "lifetime value" as it relates to customer loyalty
  • The Ladder of Loyalty and the significance of each rung of the ladder
  • The Cycle of Business and how it relates to ensuring an outstanding customer experience
  • Where your focus should be in order to build customer loyalty that leads to raving fans
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