Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce has been a portrait photographer for over 27 years.

She has experienced the evolution of this industry supporting herself as a working photographer across almost three decades of change. She retouched portraits using paint on medium format film before taking those skills to Photoshop and the age of digital photography that is exploding today. She survived in business through two global financial meltdowns, and learned how to manage money, and how to innovate business and stay healthy when the economy changes.

Photographers call Sue a master of posing. But this was not a natural gift — it took her years of study and mastery, and now she loves to teach people how to master posing themselves. Sue has won multiple awards internationally and although she is hugely proud of her success and being honored by these institutions she knows her clients don't care, in fact she teaches her students that awards are a great way to challenge yourself creatively and also establish yourself internationally in the industry but the market needs to be served in order for you to be paid.

Sue Bryce is a highly sort after teacher and speaker she hates fluffy bio's because she thinks people really only care about how it impacts them, so she wants you to know. Sue has built a 6 figure Portrait business with basic principles that anyone can learn, and by using a system that truly works. She is a contemporary portrait photographer and educator and infuses all she teaches with the knowledge that you cannot be successful until believe you are of value, and learn to effectively price yourself and sell in the market place. Sue truly believes when you overcome your own hurdles of ego and comparison you can truly own your own path as a successful Photographer with a rewarding and sustainable business and her greatest passion is teaching creatives how to make money.

Above all Sue wholeheartedly believes she has the coolest job in the world.