Neal Freed

Neal Freed learned photography while in college, a million years ago at the Fred Marcus Studio in NY. As Neal says, assisting for Andy Marcus was the best training anyone could ever have, if you could survive it. After a couple of years assisting, Neal became a primary photographer for Fred Marcus. While his future looked bright at Fred Marcus, alas, Neal married Carla and moved to the DC area. Neal gave up photography for 25 years as he and Carla owned and operated a number of businesses. In 2000 after selling their last business, Neal and Carla decided to open a small, boutique studio. Not having spent the prior 20 years as photographers, they brought a fresh perspective to the business of photography. Much to the dismay of the established players in the school photography market, they are bringing that same fresh perspective to school photography and are having tremendous success redefining how to do school photography.

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