Michael Christman

Michael Christman is a true pioneer in his field. Starting from a garage in California, Michael had a vision of what school photography could really be – more than just an assembly line of photos for the customers and the studio. He applied his philosophies and his beliefs and before long, his team had dominated the market.

Michael went on to serve in key leadership roles at LifeTouch and really make an impact on the marketplace. In 2007, he retired and today, his focus is on teaching and mentoring. Michael spends his time in Austin, Texas, helping business leaders build strong teams, winning cultures and living balanced lives. According to Michael, "Yes, you can have both. Anything less is a disservice to your employees, your customers, your family and yourself”

Michael’s career has been a 40-year long inspirational and memorable journey – and a true testament to having it all if you believe in your dreams!  

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