Manie Kohn

Manie Kohn has been the center of National Media attention as the FIRST Trained, Certified and Fully Insured Drone Pilot in the USA, a pioneer in introducing SUAV technology safely and thoughtfully into the commercial space and enjoys a reputation as a trusted “Best Practices” consultant, sharing his journey including evolving regulations, risk management concerns and opportunities.

Kohn has been awarded National Headlines with USA Today and featured in the New York Times, with an impressive top-tier clientele of high-net worth, tech execs, Network TV and Realtor celebrities Roh Habibi and Josh Flagg from BravoTVs, runaway hit franchise, Million Dollar Listing. His standing in the industry as an educator, instructor and an industry leading “Drone-O-Grapher" has gained him unique relationships with Emergency Services and Law Enforcement including San Mateo County Sheriff Department, San Francisco Fire Department, San Mateo County Harbor Patrol. 

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