Jeanette Bronée

Jeanette Bronée

Rethinker, Self-Care Mindset & Culture Strategist, Author, CEO & Founder of Path for Life Inc.

 Jeanette helps entrepreneurs take charge of their business by rethinking self-care and its impact on performance, results and sustainable success, because our most important resource as entrepreneurs is our physical and mental health and resilience.

 She teaches how to shift from a burnout mindset operating on survival mode to The Self-Care Mindset™ that helps us work better, without the burnout.

Her clients call her Vitamin J, a shot of clarity and confidence, she speaks, coaches and consults about how to not only survive work, but also thrive. 

 She has spoken at the United Nations and delivered TEDx talks, keynotes and workshops at conferences and corporate events around the world to facilitate change in our relationship with our selves, so that we can be healthy and busy at the same time.