Bryan Blanken

Bryan Blanken

Bryan is a multi-talented wedding and portrait photographer with over 20 years of experience. While attending the University of Maryland, he learned the art of photography in the family business. He quickly became very accomplished and joined Freed Photography as a partner in 2001.

Clients love working with Bryan for his laid back nature, and fantastic sense of humor as well as his striking good looks (Bryan added that). He loves photographing people. Whether it is an 8yr old for a school portrait or a bride on her wedding day, his ability to relate to the person, put them at ease and make them look their best is second to none. They also appreciate his integrity for the timeline and knowing how to work and event.

Recently, Bryan along with his partners Neal & Carla Freed, have developed a new approach to school portraits "Just because, they have been doing it one way for forever, doesn't mean it's good," Bryan says. School Photography is now an integral part of what we do. Our motto is Have fun, take beautiful images and do the right thing.

Bryan, along with Neal, speak throughout the country and hold workshops on their approach.

Bryan loves spending his free time with friends and family. Bryan and his wife Jackie are native Washingtonians. He is an avid sports fan, watching as well as playing. Bryan and his wife Jackie (a chef by training) have three children - Ellie, Simon, and Sophie.