Webinar FAQs

FAQsWhat is a Webinar?

A webinar is a live, online class that is presented and recorded through GoToWebinar software. PPAedu's webinar instructors understand where you are because they've been there, done it and are successful at it!

To participate, simply register for the live class of interest through the "Click here to register" link. You will then receive an email (sent from PPA staff) the day prior to the event with instructions on how to log on to listen and view the presentation. You don't need any special setup or equipment; the connection is through your web browser. You can listen though your computer's speakers or a headset if you prefer.

The visual consists of a PowerPoint presentation or screen share, depending on the instructor and topic. Webinars related to marketing may feature a slideshow, while Adobe Photoshop tutorials work best through an application share.

For the best webinar experience, ensure your computer meets the GoToWebinar system requirements.


How much do live webinars cost?

PPA's live webinars are a member benefit to you! Registration is still required, so be sure to register for each individual course of interest. Webinars are available to non-members at the rate of $239/each.


What's the difference between live webinars and the webinars available on-demand with PPAedu?

Attending a live webinar means you're watching it in real time as it is being recorded. This allows you the invaluable opportunity to submit questions and interact with the speakers and other attendees.

Each webinar also will be available through PPAedu, which offers you the opportunity to view a course anytime, 24/7! All webinars are available through PPAedu within one week of the live event. Questions about PPAedu?


Can I view the speaker’s slides?

If the speaker wishes to share their presentation slides or any other relevant course materials, they will be available on the PPAedu webinar course listing under the Course Materials tab.


How do I ask the speaker questions during a live event?

The Q&A process will be explained in detail at the start of the webinar. Essentially, you type a question into the Q&A field (displayed in the bottom right corner of the GoToWebinar panel) to submit. Due to the volume and similarity of many questions, we may not be able to answer all of them live, but will make every effort to respond.


Will I get PPA Merits for attending webinars?

Sorry, you won't, as there is no way to measure the level of learning actually integrated from viewing webinars and online courses; however, honing skills that make sense for you with the help of PPAedu will clearly position you to earn merits easier and faster!

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