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Entering your local district competition is one of the best ways to push yourself to be more. You'll learn where you stand—how your photography matches up with your peers. You'll learn about the 12 elements of a merit image, and start incorporating them into your daily photography. You'll learn what it takes to create a merit image, and if you stick with it, work your way up to the Loan Collection.

You'll learn you're capable of so much more than you imagined. It's perfectly normal to be a little nervous going in, but don't be afraid of getting better.

It's easy to get involved. First, find your district. Then, fine-tune your four best images and submit either prints or digital copies.

And if you can, make sure you attend the judging. All photographic competitions are open to the public, and it's the best way to maximize your learning potential. Whether you've entered images or not, watching is a great way to grasp what the judges are looking for. The PPA-approved jurors are some of the best in the business—photographers who truly care about raising the bar in the industry. You can even pick their brains during breaks!

Find Your District & Wow Them!

District MapAs a PPA member, you're assigned a district based on where you live (Southwest, Northcentral, Western, Northeast, Southeast and Asia Pacific). Don’t know yours? Check out this handy map.

Northcentral District Photographic Competition

View the 2014 Northcentral District Results

Western District Photographic Competition

View the 2014 Western District Results

Northeast District Photographic Competition

Enter the 2014 Photographic Open Competition
Enter the 2014 Master Artist Competition
View the 2014 Photographic Open Rules

View the 2014 Master Artist Rules

Make sure you attend the judging!
2014 Judging Dates: May 20 - 21, 9am – 6pm
Radisson Hotel Nashua, 11 Tara Boulevard Nashua, NH 03062
Map & Directions

Southeast District Photographic Competition

View the 2014 Southeast District Results

Southwest District Photographic Competition

View the 2014 Southwest District Results

Scoring at District Competitions

Images at the PPA District Photographic Competitions can receive scores up to 100 points, dependent on how they meet the 12 Elements of a Merit Image. See what the scores mean:

100 - 95 Exceptional

94 - 90

89 - 85 Excellent
84 - 80 Deserving of a Merit
79 - 75 Above Average
74 - 70 Average
69 - 65 Below Exhibition Standards

Seals of Approval & Merit Images

Earn a score of 80 or above at a district competition, and you will receive a Seal of Approval. A "sealed image" is often referred to like a "merit image," but it requires an extra step to get that merit. You will earn one merit when your sealed image is entered in the next International Photographic Competition. (It will also automatically be accepted as part of the General Collection.) Remember: You must enter that sealed image in the next International Photographic Competition BEFORE you can earn the merit.

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