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Everything you need to be a successful Community Network is here.

It's easy as 1-2-3 to renew your Community Network membership.

  1. Complete the Community Network Renewal Application or print this renewal form and mail it with all its attachments. After you complete the form...
  2. Upload an Excel document with your association's most current membership roster. Use the Community Network Membership Roster Upload Form to upload your file. Remember: the roster must be submitted in an Excel format to be accepted.
  3. Download the annual PPA Principles of Association document. As part of your collaboration with PPA, you are required to download and read PPA's Annual Principles of Association. While all Community Networks are autonomous associations, we must work together toward common goals.

Thank you for working with PPA! Together, we will continue to elevate the photographic industry.

Has your Community Network changed leadership since you renewed? If so, you can provide PPA with your Community Network's most current contact information using this Leadership Update form.

If you are interested in adding your school to our Community Network, please use this Community Network School Application.

If you are renewing your school's Community Network status, use this Community Network School Renewal Form.

For additional information, refer to the Community Network Schools Handbook, or contact PPA at [email protected]

Community Network Handbooks: Learn everything you need to know and keep it in one, easy place.

Share your community network status—post the appropriate logo to your website!

Add a Community Network event to the PPA calendar:

If you'd like to list your event on our calendar, please contact us with details of the event. Be sure to include the date, price, contact info, website, and any other additional info in your email.

Prospect Mailing Lists:

Use the mailing addresses of our most recently added PPA members.

Request PPA materials for an upcoming event. Materials include:

  • PPA Membership Flyers
  • Certification Information Sheet
  • Imaging USA Flyers
  • Professional Photographer Magazines
  • PhotoCare / PhotoCare Plus Equipment Insurance
  • PPA Degree Flyers
  • PPA Photographic Competition Flyer

Each Community Network will receive one complimentary PPA membership and Imaging USA pass to use at their discretion. Most Community Networks use these as part of a raffle or drawing to bring in additional revenue for your association. To request your pass and membership, email [email protected].

Looking for additional revenue for your association? Let PPA help! Look no further than your own members who have not become PPA members yet. When you promote PPA’s benefits to non-PPA members and they join as a new member through the link below, your Community Network receives a commission!

How Does It Work?
  • Promote PPA membership at your meetings and conventions. Help spread awareness about all the additional benefits your members can receive if they also become PPA members.
  • For every new PPA member you recruit, PPA will pay your affiliate a commission based on the type of membership: $50 for Full Members and $25 for Limited or Additional members
  • PPA will track and send each affiliate the commission at the end of each calendar year. The program resets on January 1 of each year, so be sure to have those joins in by the end of December.
  • New PPA member MUST join using the below link: 


The National Award is a special honor that Community Networks can award to recognize outstanding services in professional photography. It is available to any Community Network with a minimum of 20 members and is to be awarded to honor an individual for outstanding services to professional photography in their community.

Community Network Awards

Community Network Merit Forms:

Take a look below and download the form that suits your needs based on the type of event you're holding. Email your completed forms to [email protected].

View Current Merit System