Super 1 Day Class Count

1805S1AB01Photographing Fido0
1805S1AL01Get Your DSLR Off of Auto Mode1
1805S1AL02Introduction to Lightroom1
1805S1AL03Studio Lighting Made Simple2
1805S1AL04Raising your Profits Through In Person Sales0
1805S1AL05Working With High School Seniors0
1805S1AR01Advance "Front to End" Client Workflow1
1805S1AR03Painting for Fun in Photoshop1
1805S1AZ01Newborn Photography 1015
1805S1AZ02Build Your Marketing Machine2
1805S1AZ03Transitional Newborn Pose Flow & Wrapping Techniques9
1805S1AZ04Basics of Portrait Lighting0
1805S1AZ05Build Your Own Photography Website and More in Lightroom1
1805S1AZ06Lighting 1012
1805S1AZ07Photograph Award Winning Images in Your Everyday Work7
1805S1CA01The Fine Art Dog2
1805S1CA02Introduction to Studio Lighting5
1805S1CA03Creating Outdoor Family Portraits, Hands-on6
1805S1CA04Paint with Light and Focus Stacking1
1805S1CA05Beginning Children's Portrait Photography0
1805S1CA06Foundation Lighting for CPP- Studio, Hands On2
1805S1CA07Introduction to Tabletop Photography1
1805S1CA08The Business of Photography4
1805S1CA09Lighting Techniques for Portraits0
1805S1CA10Studio Portraits7
1805S1CA11Artistic Touch of Portraiture10
1805S1CA12Newborn Posing and Lighting0
1805S1CA13Working Wonders with One Light4
1805S1CA14Fundamentals of Posing4
1805S1CA15Introduction to Studio Lighting1
1805S1CA16Lighting Techniques for Portraits0
1805S1CA17Focus Stacking: A Photographic SUPERHERO!6
1805S1CO01The Family Photographer1
1805S1CO02The Business of Boudoir Photography0
1805S1CO03Off Camera Flash - Hands On1
1805S1CO04Dramatic Portraits with Off-Camera Flash3
1805S1CO05My Favorite Creative Photoshop Techniques10
1805S1CO06Intro to Studio Lighting1
1805S1CO07Brand Your Business & Market to Your Ideal Client with Wild Success!8
1805S1CT01Photoshop CC Basics, Workflow, and Editing1
1805S1DC01On Assignment: Architectural Photography of Commercial Interiors1
1805S1FL01Inspiration through Art, Painting in Photoshop8
1805S1FL03Achieving Studio Lighting: Indoors and Out2
1805S1FL04Advance your Image Making with Photoshop and Lightroom3
1805S1FL05Creative Compositing - Go Beyond the Normal!4
1805S1FL06Drawing Personality From Children Portraiture From Start to Finish0
1805S1FL07Photogratherapy - The ART and PSYCHOLOGY of Boudoir Photography and Empowering Women9
1805S1GA01Basic Newborn Posing0
1805S1GA02Advanced Posing/Lighting for High School Seniors3
1805S1GA03The Power of Printing & IPS0
1805S1GA04How to Maximize your Photography Skills Using Video1
1805S1GA05A Beginners Guide to Selling Prints - Breaking Away from Shoot and Share2
1805S1GA06The Business of Newborns3
1805S1GA07Business of Maternity2
1805S1HI01Lifestyle Family Portraits and Workflow0
1805S1HI02The Power of Light - Lighting Technique Workshop1
1805S1HI03Editing Photographs in Adobe Lightroom - Workflow and Post Production3
1805S1IA01Seven Marketing Tools for Success2
1805S1IA02SEO and Social Media Marketing1
1805S1ID01Intro to Studio Photography0
1805S1ID02How to Become a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)0
1805S1IL01Studio Portraits for Beginners5
1805S1IL02Creating Composite Images Part 1: The Shoot6
1805S1IL03Creative Conceptualization for Storytelling2
1805S1IL04Creating Composite Images Part 2: The Post Work6
1805S1IN01Passion to Profit3
1805S1KY01Shoot On Location4
1805S1KY02Real Estate Photography for Beginners1
1805S1KY03Recharge your Photography Business0
1805S1KY04Real Estate Photography for Beginners2
1805S1LA01The On Location Studio2
1805S1MA01Infrared Photography- Beyond the Visible Spectrum!1
1805S1MA02Studio Lighting For The Natural Light Photographer2
1805S1MA03How to Create Classical Hollywood Glamour Portraits1
1805S1MA04Beauty & Boudoir; Cigar and Scotch Sessions3
1805S1MA05Understanding Speedlites and TTL1
1805S1MD01Indoor Studio Lighting5
1805S1MD02Sports Photography Workshop0
1805S1MD03How to Create a Marketing Calendar That Really Works10
1805S1MD04Beginning OCF- Intro to Studio Lighting0
1805S1MD05Preparing for the CPP Image Review5
1805S1MD06Still Life Photography with Different Types of Lighting Adjustments0
1805S1MD07Seniors: Posing for Profit3
1805S1MD08The Photo Warrior Concept of Weddings1
1805S1MD10Emulating the Masters2
1805S1MD11Hollywood Studio Lighting5
1805S1MD12Wedding Day Coverage, One Photographer or Two?0
1805S1MD13Lightroom Workshop: Workflow Enhancement from Global to Granular1
1805S1MD14Panorama Photography - Beyond Snapshot0
1805S1MD15Creative Waterfall Imagery Class3
1805S1MD16Beauty and Boudoir-Start to finish3
1805S1ME01Lighting and Posing "On-the Run" for Weddings and Portraits0
1805S1MI01Posing and Lighting for Studio Portraits5
1805S1MN01Business Breakthroughs1
1805S1MN02Senior Portraits: Studio lighting indoor and outdoor0
1805S1MN03Post Processing Workflow: Understanding the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop1
1805S1MN0410 (ish) steps to starting your photography business3
1805S1MN06Artistic Maternity Sessions3
1805S1MN07One Day Wedding Photography Bootcamp: Marketing to Image Delivery11
1805S1MO01Changing the Game - 9 Tips Every Volume Photographer Must Know1
1805S1MO02A Day of Working “On” Your Business2
1805S1MO03Teaching Photography for Extra Income and Exposure0
1805S1MO04Spend the Day with Jessica Rosa0
1805S1MT01Learning Your Digital SLR and Getting the Most Out of It5
1805S1MT02Bringing your Creative Vision to Life5
1805S1NB01Children's Portraiture in Preschools and Childcare Centers7
1805S1NB02Supplement your Studio Income with School Yearbook Sales and Design3
1805S1NC02Lightroom CC - From Import to Print4
1805S1NC03Small Lights, Big Results!6
1805S1NC05Lighting the Classic Pose!2
1805S1NC06Photoshop for Photographers4
1805S1NC07Dog Photography ~ From Capture to Finished Files3
1805S1NC08Let's Learn Some Macro Photography2
1805S1NC09Macro Photography with a Twist2
1805S1NC10Newborn Photography1
1805S1NC11Creative Lighting for Any Genre3
1805S1NC12Headshots: Traditional to Cinematic!10
1805S1NC13Let There Be More Light Sources0
1805S1NC14Limited Edition/Mini Sessions1
1805S1NC15A Start Up Road Map2
1805S1NJ01Balancing the Art and Business of Wedding Photography0
1805S1NJ02Classic Boudoir Posing & Lighting for All Kinds of Beautiful3
1805S1NM01Nature and Wildlife Photography0
1805S1NM03My Favorite Creative Photoshop Techniques8
1805S1NM05Headshots and Lighting Patterns5
1805S1NV01Lighting Variety in the Studio0
1805S1NV02Outdoor Lighting in a Variety of Situations0
1805S1NV03Studio Portrait Lighting3
1805S1NV04Environmental Portrait Lighting with Off Camera Sources5
1805S1NY01Bombshell Boudoir, the Rust and Chrome and Lace Edition2
1805S1NY02Taking it to the Street1
1805S1NY03Pricing for Profit1
1805S1OH01In Person Sales1
1805S1OH02Newborn Portraiture: Lighting, Safety, Soothing, and Posing1
1805S1OH03Basic Lighting and Composition for Spring Nature and Portrait Photography5
1805S1OH04The Business of being in BUSINESS - Getting your head back above water!5
1805S1OH05Posing and Lighting for Men, Women and Children4
1805S1OH06Composite Photography5
1805S1OH07Photoshop-Way Beyond the Basics3
1805S1OH08Senior Success Strategies5
1805S1OH09General Studio Portraiture- Skin Tones and Body Types0
1805S1OH10Glamour and Boudoir from Fashion Perspective0
1805S1OH11Becoming a Certified Professional Photographer1
1805S1OH12The Black-and-White Male Character Portrait6
1805S1OH13Photoshop for "Advanced" Beginners3
1805S1OK01How to Make REAL Money with Family Portraits9
1805S1ON01Extended $2500 Family Portrait Experience2
1805S1OR02Portrait Studio Master Class5
1805S1PA01Lighting a Bottle for a Commercial Shoot2
1805S1PA02Lighting Techniques3
1805S1PA03Lighting Techniques1
1805S1PA04Photographing The Artistic Nude4
1805S1PA05Introduction To Artist Compositing For Print Competition Part 13
1805S1PA06 Part 2: Introduction To Artist Compositing For Print Competition2
1805S1PA07Getting Savvy with Lightroom0
1805S1PA08Photographing Scenes with Lots of Light and Dark (at the Prison)2
1805S1RI01Posing and Lighting to Flatter Any Subject1
1805S1RI02Creative Portrait Lighting In studio1
1805S1RI03Environmental Photography for all lighting situations using Speedlights3
1805S1SC01Advanced Newborn Photography Safety Course0
1805S1SC02Get Psyched for SALES!1
1805S1SD01Landscape Photography in the Black Hills4
1805S1SD02On Location Portraits in the Black Hills8
1805S1TN01Creative Composition in Photoshop: Your Own Piece of Art1
1805S1TN02Creative Composition in Photoshop: Your Own Piece of Art1
1805S1TN03How To Get Started with IPS (In Person Sales)1
1805S1TX01Headshot Bootcamp1
1805S1TX02Storytelling with Photography4
1805S1TX03Color your world with Lights, Cameras, Gels!3
1805S1TX04How to Manage the Virtual Sports Revolution0
1805S1TX05Natural Light Home Studio: Making your space work3
1805S1TX06The Art of Birth Photography-Connect and Create0
1805S1TX07Simplified Outdoor Portrait Lighting1
1805S1TX08Tips and Tricks for Photographing Wildlife of the Texas Brazos Bend0
1805S1TX09Newborn Session Flow0
1805S1TX10Newborns A-Z1
1805S1TX11Beginner Photography, Posing and Lighting0
1805S1TX12Lighting - From the Studio to Your Backyard7
1805S1TX13Virtual Sports Revolution - Hands-on Picture Day0
1805S1TX14Studio Lighting Essentials0
1805S1TX15Using Mixed Light Sources In The Studio0
1805S1TX16Architecture & Real Estate: Building Your Business5
1805S1TX17How to Make REAL Money with Family Portraits12
1805S1TX18The Photographer's Guide to Building Your Digital Brand0
1805S1TX19What's the story?0
1805S1TX20Finding Your Voice & Value (Beginner to Intermediate)1
1805S1TX21Let's Tell The Story0
1805S1TX22Learn to shoot on MANUAL!4
1805S1TX23The High School Senior Experience1
1805S1TX24Beyond Point & Shoot - Taking Your Camera Off Auto2
1805S1TX25Sell Wall Portraits Like a Pro1
1805S1TX26The Ins and Outs of Print Competition - 20181
1805S1TX27Creating with the Gum Bichromate Process4
1805S1TX28In Person Sales for Beginners2
1805S1TX29Walk and Shoot Photography: Photography 1010
1805S1TX30Flowers, Flashes and Photoshop5
1805S1TX31Profit First For Professional Photographers0
1805S1UT01CPP Prep Class Day 12
1805S1UT02Digital Painting Techniques2
1805S1UT03Portrait Studio Master Class4
1805S1UT04CPP Prep Class Day 22
1805S1VA01High School Seniors One Light Wonder4
1805S1VA02Bridging the Gap between Passion and Profit3
1805S1VA03Certified Professional Photographer - Test Preparation4
1805S1VA04Studio Lighting From A to Z2
1805S1VA05Improving your Nature Photography2
1805S1VA06Creating Pet Portraits2
1805S1VA07Certified Professional Photographer - Test Preparation0
1805S1VA08Image Editing Fundamentals1
1805S1VA09Nature Photography for the Beginner1
1805S1VA10Headshots - from start to delivery4
1805S1VA11Master your DSLR and Shoot Beyond the Auto Mode4
1805S1VA12Intro to Newborn Lighting and Posing2
1805S1VA13Newborns and Children3
1805S1VA14Lifestyle Photography & the Art of Natural Light -- Studio-Perfect Portraits Outdoors!4
1805S1VA15Sunset & Beyond: Learn Panoramic Landscape Photography Locally with Model2
1805S1VT01Creative Magic of Underwater Portraits1
1805S1WA01Studio Maternity - Lighting and Posing1
1805S1WA02The Senior Experience2
1805S1WA03On Location Senior Experience2
1805S1WA05Finding Your "Zing"3
1805S1WI01Get that Flash Off Your Camera!3
1805S1WV01Creative Lighting Control9
1805S1WY01Successful Mini Sessions0
1805S1WY02Balancing your Photography Business0
1805S1WY03Everything You Need to Know About Print Competition2