Push yourself to continue learning and achieving
Photography is not a static industry; new techniques and technologies always appear. Use the degrees as goals to encourage your own growth. The actions you take to earn merits and degrees will help keep you abreast of the changes and prove that knowledge to others.

Market yourself and your business
Clients come to you for your knowledge and quality photography. Getting your photography recognized by the world’s largest photographic association (via a PPA degree) is one way to show clients that others see your quality, too. And if you want to make a name for yourself in the industry, a PPA degree is a great stepping stone. Adding that qualification after your name will prove your dedication to the craft and maybe get you more speaking gigs.

Be recognized for your accomplishments
Reaching a certain status point in your industry may increase the trust that others put in your ability…including clients. Increase this recognition by explaining how you earned it.

Help justify and explain your prices
If customers ask why your prices are higher than another’s, back yourself up with the PPA degree. Be ready to explain how you earned the degree (and how that translates into better quality for them).

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