Sales & Marketing Tools for Photographers

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) helps working photographers close the gap between what they do and what consumers want

Because consumers don't always understand the difference a professional photographer can make. And because photographers don’t always understand what moves the needle for consumers to decide to pay for professional photography services.



That's why PPA created marketing tools for its members to use. And that’s why PPA created and promotes a nation-wide online, print and social media awareness campaign.

It's all meant to help consumers see the difference when hiring photographers and make them realize the importance of hiring a pro.

PPA has invested over $1.5 million since 2010 to help consumers see the difference professional photographers make. PPA also helps its members position themselves in a way that makes consumers see and understand the value of investing in their professional photography services.

And while PPA pitches the advantages and merits of hiring a pro to consumers, PPA photographers receive FREE sales and marketing tools that they can tap into in order to improve their sales process, better justify their costs, up the quality of their photography, develop new products-and-services offerings, and market themselves, locally.


So if you are a working photographer, consider joining PPA. We already serve over 30,000 photo-entrepreneurs with protection, education, and resources to help elevate their art and their business, teaching them how to close the gap that separates what they do and what consumers want.

Don't be left out! Become a member!