Data Loss & Negligence Protection: PPA’s Indemnification Trust

Sometimes things go wrong – even for the best photographer. Memory cards fail. Shots are missed. Clients decide it’s your fault clouds blocked the sunset on their special day. Regardless of the reason, unsatisfied Clients making demands or threatening lawsuits (or actually filing one!) are an emotional and financial pain.

 PPA can be a lifesaver for photographers through its Indemnification Trust!

PPA’s Indemnification Trust exists to assist PPA “active members” in the U.S. and Canada when a client claims they were negligent in providing their services -- including data losses, missed shots or simply because the client has decided to be unhappy. Assistance ranges from advice on handling matters, to direct intervention and offsetting certain costs or losses.

The PPA Trust is administered by the law firm of Meadows, Macie & Sutton, one of the most experienced firms in the world when it comes to helping professional photographers. This unique coverage is such a lifesaving benefit that it comes included with the PPA Professional Active Membership. Because this is not insurance, your rates will not go up if you file a claim.

Download the Indemnification Trust  Declaration (which contains the Trust’s terms, conditions and limitations)

Download your copy of the Indemnification Trust Policy

Reaching out to the Trust early is critical when a client relationship has gone sideways. To get help:

  1. Call PPA at 800-786-6277 to report your claim.
  2. The Customer Care agent will obtain basic information about your claim and file it with the Trust’s law firm, Meadows, Macie & Sutton (MM&S), to put things in motion.
  3. MM&S should contact you within two business days to gather additional information, determine eligibility and provide appropriate assistance under the Trust Declaration.

When You Need More Than Just Advice

Members can often head off client trouble with early intervention and advice from the PPA Indemnification Trust, but what if that is not enough? Subject to the limitations of the Trust and subject to a small deductible, the Trust has helped members by covering:

  • Data recovery
  • Limited restaging for reshoots
  • Settlements the Trust negotiates
  • Judgments awarded to your client if things go poorly in court

The Trust also offers background support in these situations by preparing you for court and, if necessary, hiring a local attorney to defend you.

Let that sink in…if you have an unrecoverable total loss on a shoot, the Trust could be the difference between paying a full refund out of your own pocket – and only having to pay a $200 deductible while the Trust provides the rest of the funds. Now do you get why being a PPA member is all worth it?

Getting The Most Out of the Indemnification Trust

Eventually something will go wrong. PPA’s Indemnification Trust means you don’t have to deal with it on your own. Having the Trust in your corner…is invaluable!

The Indemnification Trust is a huge benefit of PPA membership, yet there are plenty others! Consider joining PPA now.