Data Loss & Negligence Protection, aka PPA’s Indemnification Trust

Sometimes it seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Data is lost. Equipment malfunctions. Clients become unsatisfied...and engage in costly lawsuits (whether their reasons are good or bad, it’s still a pain that will be costly to deal with).

And that’s where PPA can, once more, be a lifesaver for photographers who are members: When everything seems like it’s going wrong, PPA’s Indemnification Trust is there to lend you a hand, helping out with the legal hassle and with the financial repercussions!

When those really bad days occur, PPA softens the blow by offering strong support to photographers with an active membership in the U.S. and Canada through PPA’s Indemnification Trust. The Trust is a type of coverage for when something happens that you are responsible for like data loss, equipment malfunctions or simply extremely unsatisfied customers who are engaging in a lawsuit against you or your business.

PPA works with the law firm of Meadows & Macie, one of the most experienced firms in the world when it comes to helping professional photographers. This unique coverage is such a lifesaving benefit that it comes included with the PPA Professional Active Membership. And because this is not insurance, your rates will never go up if you need to file a claim.

Download your copy of the Indemnification Trust Policy

The Indemnification Trust exists to help you navigate a potentially sticky situation with a client. If find yourself needing help, just call PPA to start the process. Here’s what will happen:

  1. Call PPA at 800-786-6277 to report your claim
  2. The Customer Care agent will talk with you to understand your case, set up your claim, and will also contact the Trust's law firm, Meadows & Macie, to put things in motion.
  3. A member of Meadows & Macie law firm should contact you within two business days to give you expert advice and guidance.

When You Need More Than Just Advice

You’ve gotten the expert advice from Meadows & Macie, but what if that’s not enough? Subject to a small deductible (often in the $250 range), PPA’s Indemnification Trust will still help. If your reported claim can’t be resolved, the Trust can still help you a great deal and in different ways:

  • PPA can pay a substantial amount for data recovery services
  • PPA can pay any settlement it negotiates
  • PPA can prepare you for court and, if necessary, appoint a local counsel to help defend you at PPA's expense
  • PPA can pay judgments for most types of damages awarded to your client if things go poorly in court

Let the above sink in… if your claim isn’t worked out, PPA can jump in, with the Indemnification Trust, to pay on your behalf for a lot of these business-busting legal fees!

Now do you get why being a PPA member is all worth it?

Getting The Most Out of the Indemnification Trust

The Indemnification Trust is not exactly the kind of benefit you look forward to using, as it usually means that something is causing you and your business unnecessary stress. But PPA’s Indemnification Trust and the way it helps photographers cope with data loss, negligence, or any alleged faults, financial consequences, and legal ramifications… is invaluable!

The Indemnification Trust is admittedly a huge benefit of being a member of PPA, yet there are plenty others! Consider joining PPA now.

More than 30,000 photographers are covered and will continue running their business almost unharmed if they ever cross path with a bridezilla or if bad luck strikes and they are left without an entire hard drive’s worth of lost work.