Bridging The Gap on FACEBOOK LIVE

On top of traditional business and photography content you’d expect, PPA helps build skill sets that aren’t typically addressed, but that are oh-so-crucial, so photographers can build your entrepreneurial muscle and get the oomph you need to succeed.

The PPAedu Facebook Live Series on Bridging The Gap takes place EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 2PM E.T. and will help you bridge the gap between photographers and consumers by addressing topics such as:

  • How to overcome business fears
  • What has changed in the industry
  • Who your clients are and what they need
  • How to attract the right clients
  • What it takes to conquer in-person sales


Persuasive Sales Conversations
with Brian Williams

Image of PPA Education Live Series on Facebook  featuring Brian Williams

“You can either step forwards into growth, or backwards into safety.”

Brian Williams will give you the tools to immediately create your own audience-focused, powerfully creative and persuasive sales conversation. He will teach the 6 things every presentation must have to truly connect with the prospect and persuade them to action. In this experience, you will see the "Perspectivity 6-Step Sales Conversation Framework".

Learn how to have sales conversations with the 3 critical components of effective communication…extreme FOCUS, CLARITY, and BREVITY.  Learn the adult learning process, then modify your sales presentations or conversations accordingly.

After 20 years in the Silicon Valley tech industry working for companies like Cisco, Motorola, and Ericsson, Brian left and started his own firm, Perspectivity, where they provide sales training, sales enablement, and advanced sales presentation skills for clients such as AT&T, Citi, Altran (Paris, France), and Cisco as well as many other small businesses. He comes to us from Dallas, TX where he lives with his wife and 4 kids.


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Optimize your LinkedIn Business Page
with Donna Serdula

Professional Photographers of America Present Facebook Live Series with Donna Serdula

Donna will teach you how to create a LinkedIn business page and how to optimize it with a logo and a look that gets it noticed. Learn how to complete fields with information to optimize your SEO. Give your LinkedIn Business page a professional look and feel.

As the foremost expert in LinkedIn profile optimization, she's proven that a strong LinkedIn profile is the key to performing well on LinkedIn. Through her website, Donna and her team of writers have helped thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies from all over the world tell their unique story and brand themselves successfully.

Donna is an in-demand speaker throughout the US and she has been featured on Business Insider, Time’s Money Section, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, LA Times, NBC, SiriusXM Radio’s The Focus Group, and many other news outlets.


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Artists in Business - Build a Profitable Business with Your Art, Your Way
with Alexis Fedor

Ad Image of PPA Education Live Series on Facebook  featuring Alex Fedor

Alexis helps artists of all disciplines whether they are just starting their businesses or are seasoned business owners:

  • Grow profits, no matter what they make right now.
  • Help them build a business model that mirrors their vision as an artist while thriving financially. (what it means to her?
  • Help them increase their Financial IQ so they can scale your business, expand their vision and create TRUE WEALTH.

As a writer and performance artist herself, Alexis Fedor helps artists who have a vision of saving time, selling more and creating a better version of their current businesses learn how to build their businesses.

Alexis worked as a business developer for the last six years, helping businesses grow their revenue both online and offline. As a result of the marketing plans she’s designed for my clients, she’s helped them increase their revenue.

She has mentored with some of the most talented and successful business owners in New York City who have helped shape the basis of her core business philosophy and enabled her to design a unique method of coaching, teaching and mentoring artists to build successful businesses.


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Business Building Through Throwing Parties…Even if You are a Major Introvert!
with Nick Gray

Ad Image of PPA Education Live Series on Facebook  featuring Nick Gray

Learn how to build your professional network by hosting cocktail parties. Imagine a networking event where it’s easy to approach others. Conversations start effortlessly and you meet interesting people that you look forward to stay in touch with after the event. The room is filled with energy and time flies. You'll make friends, build a stronger professional network, and create more exciting opportunities in your life. I'll show you my step-by-step formula for how anyone can learn to host these types of events….even if you are an introvert!

Nick Gray has spent the last 17 years habitually over-sharing his life on the internet. As such, you will find hundreds of unflattering photographs and video clips of him. He makes no apologies for this but promises that he will be ever as charming, and three times as attractive, when you meet him in the flesh….or in this case, meet him live on Facebook. Nick is the founder of Museum Hack (which he has since sold) and is working on publishing a super simple guide to teach you how to throw small cocktail parties that help you build big work relationships and make new friends.

Find Nick's work at The Art of Personal Branding
with Tarsha Polk

Ad Image of PPA Education Live Series on Facebook  featuring Tarsha Polk

Your brand shapes how people see you and how they are attracted to you. When you know your brand strengths, your target audience will know, like and trust you. This powerful presentation is packed with actionable tips to help you position yourself or your business for success. You will learn how to identify your unique brand attributes, build visibility and leverage your skills and talents so you become an irresistible brand.

Tarsha Polk, The Marketing Lady™ is an award-winning entrepreneur, author of two books; Beyond the Business Card and Making an Impact: How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand. She is a personal branding strategist and professional speaker who is passionate about empowering people to succeed in business and increase their income. With over 20 years of marketing experience and 16 years as an entrepreneur, Tarsha has helped hundreds of small business owners, corporate professionals, and non-profits succeed!

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Facing Classic Imposter Syndrome and Learned Helplessness
with Ernesto Segismundo

Ad Image of PPA Education Live Series on Facebook  featuring Ernesto Segismundo

Have you told yourself any of the following?  If so, you'll want to hear what Ernesto Segismundo has to say.

  • I’m not worth the prices I need to charge in order to be profitable.
  • I’m not good at self-promotion.
  • I’m an introvert and I’m uncomfortable trying to promote myself.
  • I can’t be a salesperson because no one likes salespeople.
  • I’m afraid of failing.
  • I’m afraid of succeeding. What if I get too busy/what if my business grows too much?
  • I’m scared that I’ll have an unhappy client.
  • I’m afraid I’ll run out of money.
  • I feel bad because building a business takes so much time and I’m not spending that time with my family.

Ernesto Segismundo is a marriage and family therapist licensed in the state of California. He helps therapists work through their fears, insecurities, and negative attitudes about marketing.  He discovered fear and insecurity himself when getting in front of the camera to create video for social media.  It is amazing how our negative scripts and our own annoyance of how we look and sound becomes magnified on video.  Ernesto understands how imposter syndrome and learned helplessness get in the way of achieving our goals and helps people overcome their insecurities and fears.

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How to Be as Happy as Your Social Media Looks
with Jessica Abo

Ad Image of PPA Education Live Series on Facebook  featuring Jessica Abo

“No matter where we are—in our careers, relationships or level of activism—we are all a work in progress.”

Jessica Abo addresses the relationship between our psychology and technology and how we can take back our happiness IRL (in real life) without falling into the compare-and-despair trap. Jessica helps you push the reset button with bite-sized chapters full of practical insights from experts and psychologists, her own funny anecdotes, and inspiring stories from celebrities like Alysia Reiner of “Orange is the New Black”.

Jessica Abo motivates people to rise to their empowered best personally and professionally. “No matter where we are—in our careers, relationships or level of activism—we are all a work in progress.” Her debut book How To Be As Happy As You Look On Social Media, sold out on its first day. Women's Health Magazine named it #1 on its list of self-love books and it was chosen for the official GRAMMY Awards gift bag last year. A multi-award-winning television journalist, Jessica was a successful television anchor and reporter for 15 years. She has appeared on The TODAY Show, Access Hollywood and ABC New as well as many others. Through her production company, JaboTV, she creates branded content for companies and profiles athletes, celebrities and CEOs. You can watch her weekly business segments on

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From Impossible to I’m Possible
with Wynn Godbold

PPA Education Live Series features Wynn Godbold who will teach photographers that everything is possible.

You and your business can go from IMPOSSIBLE to I’m Possible. The most important and challenging person you'll ever lead is yourself. Discover what it takes to turn your leadership inside to skyrocket your success.

This presentation will explore three components of self-leadership. Listeners will walk away with an understanding of:

  • Self-awareness - knowing your intentions and values, as well as knowing what can ‘push your buttons’ and derail you.
  • Self-confidence - knowing your strengths and abilities. Taking actions and developing skills makes you more confident.
  • Self-efficacy - believing that whatever comes your way, you can handle it. With self-efficacy we can be more creative and innovative.

Wynn Godbold is a motivational speaker, author, coach and independent certified John C. Maxwell Leadership trainer that teaches the importance of learning with passion, living with character and leading with confidence in our everyday lives. She was certified and licensed by John Maxwell in 2015 as a trainer, speaker and coach. Wynn helps individuals, organizations and businesses exceed their goals and sustain growth through the development of their people. She empowers individuals to move beyond their goals and wishes in order to find their true purpose in life.

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Value Pricing with Confidence
with Donna Leyens

PPA Education Live Series Features Donna Leyens who will teach photographers value pricing with confidence

One issue facing most business owners is how to get paid what your products and services are worth. The key to avoiding price competition is to stand out as special in the minds of your clients and prospective clients.

Our first instinct as creative and artistic service providers is to focus on promoting the quality of our work, but this is a very difficult point to compete on. In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The two interrelated keys to standing out in a crowded market.
  • The secret to building a reputation that catches the attention of your ideal clients.
  • How to communicate the value of your offering so that your clients are happy to pay a premium for your work.

Donna Leyens, MBA, CPC is the President and co-founder of Pumpkin Plan Your Biz. She is on a mission to save small businesses from extinction, by providing business tools, strategy, training and support to business professionals who want to make a big impact by becoming small business growth strategists. This mighty team of strategists uses The Pumpkin Plan Action Guide, a business growth program she developed based on the methods in the book The Pumpkin Plan, written by her Co-founder Mike Michalowicz. Pumpkin Plan Strategists help small businesses to not just stay afloat, but to scale and grow in both profitability and size, while allowing the owner to take back control of their time and enjoy life as well. At the end of the day Donna believes entrepreneurs make or break the economy. Her goal is to make sure they grow, thrive, and have the opportunity to create their own destiny.

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The 6 Steps of Having a Game Plan Versus a Business Plan
with Ciara Pressler

Creating values and standards - what jobs you will take and wouldn't. Identify who you admire and who are their values. Usually not technical, usually style. Carve out values. "Have you ever taken that job just for money, and regretted it."

If you're already a working photographer, you don't need a business plan -- you need a Game Plan. Find out how to stay true to your creative vision and responsive to new opportunities by creating goals that work for your creative career. You'll learn a six-step process that you can use to power any goal you have in your business, including marketing, sales, creative projects, and more.

Ciara Pressler is the founder of PREGAME and the author of Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business. She has worked with hundreds of creative pros worldwide to create their game plan for success. Her latest book Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business lays out the best practices for authentic success and a framework for strategic goal-setting, including success principles and what to do when you’re stuck. Her Pregame Clubhouse in Portland, OR, is a space for people to create their Game Plan for success. Members are business owners, managers, and creative professionals who are committed to personal and professional growth. The Pressler Collaborative creates custom marketing and PR strategy for businesses and projects in entertainment, media, real estate, tech, finance, fitness, lifestyle, and beyond.

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5 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know to Run a Successful Business
with Barb Stuhlemmer

Barb Stuhlemmer 5 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know to Run a Successful Business for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

Author of The Entrepreneur Awakening: Making the Move from Employee to Business Owner and a business owner herself, Barb Stuhlemmer has seen and experienced all the mistakes business owners make. Knowing your expertise is not enough to be excellent at being a business owner. The skills it takes to run a business are different than the skills it takes to be the expert in your field. Because of this business owners often go into business with a great idea, product, or service but are overwhelmed and exhausted by all the extra work owning a business takes, just to sell their product.


  • The Five Fundamentals you need to have in place to grow your business
  • Steps to manage those fundamentals
  • Answer questions you might have specific to your business challenges

Barb is a Business Strategist, Consulting Advisor, speaker, college professor, author, professional writer, entrepreneur, wife of over 25 years, and mother of three+ kids. She brings an outside view and solutions to inside issues so business owners can create the business that fits with their life plan. Barb comes with a lifetime of tools, strategies, and tactical planning process to create the next steps that will finally get the work of growth done. Barb's clients make as much as 800% increase in as little as 11 months with her support

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Is Your Online Reputation Picture Perfect or a Photo Bomb!?!?
with Corey Perlman

Corey Perlman Is Your Online Reputation Picture Perfect or a Photo Bomb for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

Before a potential client sees your work, they often read reviews, ask for recommendations, search Google or visit your website. Are you winning or losing business on what they discover? Digital Marketing expert, Corey Perlman, will share best practices to ensure you’re building credibility with potential clients when they check you out online. You rarely hear from clients who DON’T decide to work with you, so get the inside scoop on where you might be losing the sale before they see your first photo.

Corey Perlman is a speaker, consultant, and nationally-recognized social media expert. His latest book, Social Media Overload!, ranked #1 on in every major business category.

Corey’s spoken for brands such as General Motors, The PGA Tour and Sysco Foods on how to drive business results through social media. His company, Impact Social, Inc., employs a team of highly-skilled digital specialists that manage the social media accounts for over 40 businesses. When not working, Corey loves singing Jimmy Buffett lullabies to his young son and trying to overtake his adolescent daughter for the most Instagram followers.

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7 Ways to Overcome Your Inner Critic
with Denise Jacobs

Denise Jacobs 7 Ways to Overcome Your Inner Critic for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

Your inner critic can break your business. That's why Denise Jacobs is here to teach you how to:

  • Be mindful about your thoughts
  • Tune out your inner critic
  • Break the cycle of rumination
  • Transform self-talk
  • Reprogram your brain
  • Hack confirmation bias and
  • Acknowledge achievement.

Denise R. Jacobs is a Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist who speaks at conferences and consults with companies worldwide. As the Founder + CEO of The Creative Dose, she promotes techniques to unlock creativity and help people become engaged contributors, synergistic collaborators, and authentic leaders. Denise is the author of Banish Your Inner Critic, the premier handbook on silencing fears to unleash creativity.

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Creating Unshakable Courage and Confidence
with Kelly Ruta

Kelly Ruta Creating Unshakable Courage and Confidence for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

Ready to learn the truth about what drives self-doubt, scarcity thinking, fear, and resistance? Discover if it’s your own personal, limiting beliefs (via a 5-minute exercise done on the spot) and then get ready for 6 simple steps you can take to begin to grow confidence and courage without having to ditch all your fears.

Find out the SECRET reason you think “I can’t charge that much”, “I’m JUST a photographer”, “Building this business is too hard”… and how to completely change those thoughts for good! During this Facebook Live, you’ll learn Kelly Ruta’s  simple 5 step proprietary process for rewiring any limiting belief in 30 days!

Kelly Ruta is a Jersey girl living in the south. She is a seasoned psychotherapist turned speaker, mentor, and coach for audacious change agents who want to disrupt the status quo so that everyone benefits. She's an introvert, chocolate and red wine lover and obsessed with all things "beach". Her mission is to teach business owners how to relentlessly shine like a supernova and create massive impact without apology.

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The Pinterest Map
with D’Arcy Benincosa

Darcy Benincosa The Pinterest Map for PPA, Professional Photographers of America, on Facebook Live

In this session you'll learn the steps D’Arcy took to grow her Pinterest from 13k views per month to 500k in less than 6 months. Included topics:

  • How to optimize your Pinterest business profile, so you can have 6-figure monthly views!
  • How to make viral-worth pins, create Rich Pins, and the power of joining group boards.
  • Find out how D’Arcy spend minimal time on her Pinterest marketing strategy, with epic results month after month.

D'Arcy Benincosa is the founder of The PATH Worldwide Workshops, a destination wedding photographer, and a business coach and mentor to creative entrepreneurs around the globe. After getting hired by Sports Illustrated magazine she quit her day job as a teacher and began her photography career in earnest. Based in NYC and Paris, D'Arcy's work is regularly featured on the top wedding publications including Martha Stewart, Bride's, Harper's Bazaar, Style Me Pretty, and Once Wed. Her weddings have graced the screen on The View, ABC, and NBC.

D'Arcy is a social media expert. Specifically, Pinterest. PInterest is a social media that we have not deep dived yet - and a great media for Photographers. D'Arch is as Pinterest Coach.

Find D'Arcy's work at

Great Marketing Moves the World
with Stephanie Scheller

Antoine Dupont Blueprint for Facebook Marketing for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

Marketing is an intimidating process and is systematically failing across the small business world. We all know we need it, and yet it seems like no matter what we try, half of it doesn't work! Understanding the two primary mistakes small business owners make that derail their marketing efforts can be the difference between success & failure! Learn to uncover what mistakes you can avoid to set yourself apart from the competition!

Stephanie Scheller is the founder of Grow Disrupt, atraining organization for small businesses. She is an accomplished speaker and has been behind the scenes with more than 2,500 companies in the past five years analyzing & addressing their sales, marketing & systems!

She is a TED speaker, a Forbes 30-under-30 nominee, a two-time best-selling author, an entrepreneur and is dedicated to teaching the same skills that allowed her to build her business from scratch and walk away from her corporate job in less than five months.

Find Stephanie's work at 

Facebook Ads Made Simple
with Andrea Vahl

Antoine Dupont Blueprint for Facebook Marketing for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

Facebook ads are an extremely effective tool to grow your audience and get more leads and sales, but they can feel overwhelming and the wrong tactics can cause you to waste your money! In this session you will learn what is changing with Facebook and how to maximize the Boosted Post options on both Facebook and Instagram. Learn what types of ads to run and how to best target and retarget with a smaller audience. Learn to how to get the most out of your budget!

Andrea Vahl is a Social Media Consultant and Speaker and is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. Her newest book is Facebook Ads Made Simple. She speaks and trains all over the world and has appeared in top lists on and She is also a standup comedienne.

Find Andrea's work at 

Blueprint for Facebook Marketing
with Antoine Dupont

Antoine Dupont Blueprint for Facebook Marketing for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

You likely already know that Facebook marketing is a powerful strategy for growing a business online. What might be holding you back from going “all in” is that you don’t have a solid plan for turning Facebook ads into a profit-generating machine. In this session, Facebook Marketing Strategist-&-Expert Antoine Dupont gives you a detailed blueprint for incorporating Facebook ads and creative-content creation to help you drive more traffic, attract new leads and ultimately fuel your online promotions. Antoine will show you the type of content that works best on Facebook, and when to incorporate Facebook Ads. You’ll walk away with a step-by-step plan (cheat sheet included!) that generates more leads and closes more sales.

Antoine is a recognized expert and strategist in digital marketing. He’s an award-winning marketing agency owner and a speaker at national & international conferences. He combines 18 years in marketing and 15 years in the hospitality industry. His first job out of college was working for Gordon Ramsey in London at Le Gavroche.  Antoine travels the world sharing his strategy and methodology to marketers and business owners. His goal is to improve lead generation and business growth via his proven marketing strategies.

As a result, he is an in-demand consultant on discovering the strategies that work. His past clients include Office Depot, Unilever, The Sports Authority, Habitat For Humanity. Recent bookings & appearances at CMC19, PRINT19, DigitalSummit19, AICPA19, MPISES19, Florida Restaurant Association, John L Scott Realty, CoachRealtors19 & Digitalium 2018 (Romania) and many others.

Find Antoine's work at 

List Building for Photographers
with Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland List Building for Photographers for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

How'd you like to have a robust email list of your ideal clients and referral partners?

Most photographers don't build targeted marketing lists, making finding new clients harder than it has to be. Building your marketing list effectively can help you raise your rates, take just the jobs you want, and make more money!

In this session you'll learn:

  • Why you should continuously be building your marketing list
  • How to build your marketing list easily and effortlessly with engaged subscribers
  • How to develop authentic and value-based relationships with your subscribers that lead to the shoots and referrals you really want

Nicole Holland is the secret weapon innovators, disruptors, and thought leaders turn to when they want to increase their visibility, credibility, and profitability through PR and digital media marketing. She's been named in the Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017”, featured in multiple publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, where her podcast was recognized as one of the “48 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs”, and has been interviewed on over 100 trending podcasts. Nicole is passionate about helping kick-ass companies and brands finally get the recognition they truly deserve!

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The Internet is Mine - Business and Algorithims
with Dani Gagnon

Dani Gagnon teaches photographers about alogorithims in her talk The Internet is Mine - Business and Algorithims for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

Algorithms impact us all. From online shopping to communicating with friends to marketing on social media, most of what we see online is organized by algorithms. This shift has resulted in most content getting lost in the endless feeds of information. ‘Trending news’ may not actually be trending. ‘Viral videos’ may not be organically viral. How do you adjust your social media feeds & marketing strategies to connect with audiences in this algorithmic era?

Dani Gagnon is a digital media professor, and a Millennial in a primarily Boomer saturated business world, who helps organizations drive business through their online presence and digital marketing. She’s chock full of insights on internet-based algorithms and how you can leverage them to better connect with target audiences.

Find Dani's work at 

Create Your Customer Avatar
with Julie Reisler

Julie Reisler teaches photographers how to Create Your Customer Avatar for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019

Julie believes the best way to authentically market is to authentically build relationships by knowing your niche and having a one-on-one conversation. To accomplish that in marketing, you create an Avatar—the image of the one person you are giving your message to. During her presentation, Julie walks her audience through the steps of creating their personalized customer Avatar. They leave with an image of the person they need to talk with, create a message for and market to.

Author and Life Designer® Julie Reisler is the founder and CEO of Empowered Living, a Life Design and personal development company. Julie is a multi-time TEDx speaker, host of The You-est You® podcast and meditation teacher on the popular app, Insight Timer. Julie has a master's degree in health & wellness coaching and more than twelve certifications in leadership, health and well-being. Julie is the author of the Get a PhD in YOU book series and creator of the documentary and course, Hungry for More. Julie serves on the faculty at Georgetown University in their graduate coaching program. Julie also has an extensive on-camera and commercial modeling background working with US News and World Report, Canyon Ranch Spa & Resort and Woolrich Clothing Co., and in voice-over. Julie is passionate about helping you to master your inner world so you can master your outer world. To learn more about Julie, go to

Find Julie's work at 

Connecting to Your Ultimate Potential
with Jen Gottlieb

Jen Gottlieb teaches photographers How to Connect to Your Ultimate Potential for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019


Drawing on her vast media network and her background in television, Jen now helps her aspiring business leader clients make the connections they need to go from FOMO to famous — fast, landing them spots on Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, Inc Magazine, US News & World Report,  Forbes, Fortune and hundreds of other media outlets.

Connecting you with the industry people you need; with the audience you crave; with the community who’ll lift you up.  Go from being an entrepreneur who suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out) to famous, -- so you can: connect to the media, connect to your tribe, and...connect to your ultimate potential.

Jen Gottlieb is the Co-Founder and Chief Mindset Officer at Super Connector Media. Jen’s plethora of experience in health and wellness coaching, 14-season run as co-host on VH1 and a Broadway national tour, has naturally lead into her role as host of Unfair Advantage Live, the world's premier publicity event connecting entrepreneurs to the media.

Under the Unfair Advantage Accelerator program, Jen supports and works with entrepreneurs to elevate personal mindset into achieving goals beyond their expectations. Prior to Co-Founding Super Connector Media, Jen used the media to build a multi 6 figure coaching business in the health and wellness space. Drawing on her vast media network and successful background in television, Jen has become an influencer in the mindset community.

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How to Attract & Convert Qualified Buyers with your Website
with Amber Vilhauer

Amber Vilhauer on How to Attract & Convert Qualified Buyers with your Website on Facebook Live presented by PPAedu of Professional Photographers of America

Amber will share executable tips and strategy around video development, placement and conversion. How publishing consistent content will attract in the right customers. You will learn the types of content and frequency that works best. The session will include the importance of defining a Customer Journey, and Amber will provide a complete walkthrough, with examples.

Amber Vilhauer is an online digital marketing expert who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. Since starting her company NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) in 2007, she has spent her career impacting her community and building strong strategic alliances with industry leaders and game-changers across the web. Amber has supported more than one thousand entrepreneurs on six continents to get results. She is the launch manager behind several #1 bestselling books including those for Mark Victor Hansen, Brendon Burchard, Lisa Nichols and Les Brown. Connect at

Find Amber's work at

How to Create a Kickass Brand
with David Tyreman

David Tyreman teaches photographers How to create a great brand for professional photographers of america on facebook live 2019


Question: What’s one of the worst things that can happen to you in business? Answer: Getting lost in the crowd and feeling invisible to customers! If you want to stand out from the crowd, get noticed and attract the very customers you most want to do business with then join this live presentation because you need a kickass brand!  In this talk you’ll learn how to:

  • Create your kickass brand authentically from the inside out
  • Avoid the big mistakes 98% of people make
  • Connect emotionally with the customers you want
  • Utilize your Brand STORY and Brand Promise with Smart Brand Messaging
  • Differentiate Dynamically
  • You’ll also learn WHERE to apply what you learn for best results

WARNING: Please be ready with notepad and pen as David will be sharing valuable information that you can apply to your business immediately.

In quest of the American dream, David Tyreman arrived in the U.S. from England with a suitcase, $5,000 and a grand idea -- to sell costly, cool antiques the way we sell Tupperware… through home parties.  Unfortunately, as he lamented, “People drank our wine, ate our cheese, looked at the prices and left.”   Six months later he and his business partner were flat broke and out of ideas.

Fast-forward seven years and the pair had miraculously morphed their fabulous flop into a kickass multi-million dollar visual-branding-and-merchandising juggernaut called Propaganda.  With clients such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger, the fast growing company attracted a boatload of free media thanks to their wacky, attention-getting branding techniques.

Having secured his piece of the American dream, David sold the business to his partner and set out on a new mission:  To impart the valuable lessons he had learned in business through speaking, consulting and best-selling books under the umbrella of a bold new venture called The World Famous Company.

Find David's work at 

4 Tips for Getting More Business
with Crystal Washington

Crystal Washington, technologist and futurist, is going to look at four ways to get you more photography business. She will ask the questions that you are probably not asking yourself, that are causing you to leave money on the table. She will introduce technology that you are probably not already using that will also help you bring in more revenue. And Crystal will help you immediately raise your revenue per event. She will leave you with tips and strategies to increase your business ... right after Facebook Live!

Crystal Washington, CSP works with organizations that want to leverage technology to increase profits and productivity! As a technology strategist and certified futurist, Crystal takes complex social media, app, and web topics, and makes them easy to understand and accessible for everyday people. Crystal’s clients comprise Fortune 500 companies including Google, Microsoft, and GE and as a sought-after keynote speaker, she has entertained and educated audiences around the globe. She has appeared in numerous publications including Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Forbes and is regularly called on by major television networks as a tech expert. Crystal is the author of the books One Tech Action: An Efficiency Guide for Busy Nontechie Professionals to get More Done, Build Better Relationships, and Enjoy More Free time and The Social Media Why: A Busy Professional’s Practical Guide to Using Social Media Including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and Blogs for Business.

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Setting Personal and Business Boundaries for the Entrepreneur
with Violet Rainwater

Topic Highlights:

  • Boundaries start with self. If we don’t respect ourselves, we will not give others boundaries.
  • Lack of confidence. Lack of worth.
  • Boundaries with time – Blocking intentional time. Specific time scheduling.
  • Business Development
  • Boundaries with others

Violet Rainwater is a Russian-American entrepreneur, speaker, and sales strategist. As an award-winning financial adviser, Violet was always on the hunt for the most effective sales systems available to her and her team. Not finding a system that focused on the needs and desires of the salesman, she began developing her own. Today, Violet Rainwater's proprietary sales model, Connection-Based Selling™ is revolutionizing the game of sales and the sales practices that are so 1987. Her passion and purpose resides in teaching sales driven organizations the strategies and systems to MAKE IT RAIN!

Learn more about Violet's work at

Courageous Growth for Entrepreneurs
with Dr. Sabrina Starling


Growing your business takes courage...and knowing the actions you should take that would have the greatest impact on your life is key to that growth. Step into being the entrepreneur and leader you need to be to grow without working more and more to the point where you don't love your business. Learn how to grow, add team members, and not let fear get in your way. Grow courageously!

Dr. Sabrina Starling, is author of the How to Hire the Best series, and co-host of the Profit by Design podcast. Dr. Starling has coached thousands of entrepreneurs to overcome the day-to-day struggles of business growth by getting out of their own way and developing a success mindset that propels them to higher and higher levels of success (and profitability). With a passion for bringing entrepreneurs together to share best practices and trigger powerful “A-Ha!” moments to move one another forward, Dr. Sabrina is a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs seeking to be courageous and take the next step.

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Creating a Referable Brand
with Michael Roderick

For a long time branding success has hinged on differentiation.  As markets become increasingly more sophisticated, everyone else's "different" has started to feel like more of the same. In this presentation, Michael Roderick will walk you through the next iteration of a brand's value in terms of how often we refer to it and how easily we remember it.

This talk will introduce you to the three key elements responsible for some of the largest movements in history and not only give you a clearer picture of the game being played all around you but how to win it.

Michael Roderick is the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises which helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable. He is also the host of the podcast Access to Anyone which shows how you can get to know anyone you want in business and in life using time tested relationship building principles. Michael's unique methodology comes from his own experience of going from being a high school English teacher to a Broadway Producer in less than two years.

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Increasing your Personal Wealth
with Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson speaks on Increasing your Personal Wealth PPAedu Live on Facebook presented by PPA

Build more.
Keep more.

This is Garrett Gunderson's mantra for your business and personal wealth.  He'll teach you what he knows of the best cash-flow strategies that will help you stop leaking and wasting money and start increasing your personal wealth.

Garrett Gunderson is Founder and Chief Wealth Architect of Wealth Factory, and New York Times bestselling author of Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity. He’s personally helped countless business owners create efficient wealth strategies that fit their unique strengths.

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Book Yourself Solid – Guide for Self-Promotion
with Michael Port

Michael Port speaks on Booking Yourself Solid PPAedu Live on Facebook presented by PPA

Book Yourself Solid is a guide for self-promotion that translates into results. We tend to think of "busy" as the equivalent of "successful"—but that's not always the case. The key lies in what you're busy doing. Success means spending your time doing work that gets you closer to your goals, and the critical driving force behind that success is self-promotion. Michael Port shows you how to promote more than just your skills—you need to sell your reputation, your service, and your very self.

Michael Port has been called an “uncommonly honest author" by The Boston Globe, a "marketing guru" by The Wall Street Journal, a “sales guru” by The Financial Times, “a public speaking phenom” by Jonathan Fields and “the best public speaking coach in the world” by Lewis Howes. His books have been on the bestseller lists of the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Publisher's Weekly and have been selected by Amazon and 800-CEO-READ as "Best Books of the Year."

He was once a professional actor, having received his MFA from NYU's Graduate Acting Program, guest starring on shows like Sex & The City and Law & Order, and in films like The Pelican Brief and Down to Earth. These days, Michael can be seen on MSNBC, CNBC, and PBS as an on-air expert in communication and business development and as the host of the most popular podcast on public speaking and performance, Steal the Show with Michael Port.

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Managing Customer Expectations
with Marc Gordon

Marc Gordon on Managing Customer Expectations PPAedu Live on Facebook presented by PPA

How do understand and manage what your clients expect so they aren't disappointed? Marc Gordon has got you covered.

He will talk about:

  • Managing expectations
  • Why some customers are impossible to please and what you can do about it
  • How to deliver experiences that keep customers coming back

Marc is an internationally recognized speaker and thought leader in the fields of marketing and customer experience. He works with companies that understand the importance of creating exceptional customer experiences that cultivate relationships and build loyalty. Marc is often featured on television, radio, and in newspapers as a marketing expert. His syndicated articles appear in over 200 business publications in four countries. Marc has also been listed as one of the “Top 100 Marketing Experts to Follow” on Twitter. And his YouTube channel,, has also been rated as one of the “Top 50 Channels for Small Business”.

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Find Your Focus: 5 Brand Story Secrets to Make Marketing Easier
with Annie Franceschi

Find Your Focus: 5 Brand Story Secrets to Make Marketing Easier with Annie Franceschi

Social media, numbers of followers, LinkedIn strategies - it’s a tactic tornado out there! What should you talk about when it comes to your business? What if you could simplify your marketing enough to know which stories to focus most on?

In this exciting, interactive workshop, your audience will:

  • Find out how to know what makes your small business unique in your market (aka "your brand story").
  • Discover the 4 most important stories to focus on in your marketing.
  • Get an exclusive, take-home exercise to help you define the 5 key things you need to know about your business to attract ideal clients.

With 10+ years in storytelling, Annie Franceschi is a bestselling author, speaker, and small business branding expert based in Durham, NC. In 2013, she quit a dream job at Walt Disney Studios to start her own agency, Greatest Story Creative®. Having advised hundreds, spoken for thousands, and released a #1 self-help book (Permission to Try), Annie is a passionate partner to entrepreneurs and professionals seeking ways to unlock the value of their stories.

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Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs
with Corina Walsh

emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs with corina walsh for professional photographers of america on facebook live

How do you have difficult conversations with your customers? Entrepreneurs need to know how to manage difficult convos and difficult clients. In this programyou’ll learn how to win over clients who are unhappyor are pushing you to do more for less. If you’ve been stuck dealing with Bridezillas, models, or clients and you don’t know what to do, let Corina Walsh help you manage those unreasonable expectations.

Corina Walsh is an expert in emotional intelligence and employee engagement.Corina Walsh is an author, speaker, and President of her own company, Shift People Development. As a consultant and coach, she works with business owners and their teams to improve leadership and team effectiveness and build engaging workplace cultures. Corina has delivered her training programs and keynote addresses across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Corina is a blogger for Huffington Postand a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. She was a Top 50 Leader Under 40 in Atlantic Canada for 2015 and a YWCA Women of Distinction in Business for 2018. Corina published her first book, The Engaged Employee Blueprint, in 2017.


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5 Ways to Generate Revenue in Your Photography Business in the Next 90 Days
with Carl Gould


When consumers feel their budget is tight, you need to get them in the game, spending money on you.. Carl Gould, an internationally renowned speaker, turnaround specialist and author of The 7 Stages of Small Business Success  - will  walk you through the 5 ways to create more revenue in your business within 90 days.  Learn about how purchasing habits change with economic conditions. You’ll learn how to align your product and service offerings to meet the current demands.

Carl Gould is the President at 7 Stage Advisors- Business Consulting as well as a published author, keynote speaker, business mentor, and trainer.  He is an award-winning Coach and Platinum Member of Carl's Innovative Approach to Business Mentoring and Business Coaching. Carl has received acclaim from both his clients and his peers. With more than 90 independently owned and operated offices worldwide, Carl Gould Manchester's Who's Who, has assisted the launch of 5,000+ businesses since 2002. Carl has been seen, heard and read in Newark Star-Ledger, The Wall Street Journal, Cape Business, Performance Magazine, News 12 NJ, CBS and more. His most recent book Biz Dev Done Right was an Amazon #1 best seller.


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Instagram Deep Dive
with Shama Hyder

Instagram Deep Dive with Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder is a visionary strategist for the digital age, a web and TV personality, a bestselling author, and the award-winning CEO of Zen Media – a global marketing and digital PR firm.  She is a social media platform media expert and she has been named the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Shama has also been honored at both the White House and The United Nations as one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the country.

Topic Highlights:

  • Get more clients.
  • Put up a portfolio.
  • Technical aspects of how to use Instagram effectively.
  • How to showcase your photography.
  • How to use hashtags.
  • Case studies of other photographers who have successfully used Instagram.
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Dominating YouTube SEO
with Roberto Blake

Dominating YouTube SEO with Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is the Founder of Awesome Creator Academy, an online education platform for entrepreneurs and social media influencers, and the Owner and CEO of Create Awesome Media, a Digital Agency specializing in creating intellectual property and consulting B2B brands on content strategy. He is well known for his popular education YouTube channel which has an audience of over 400,000 subscribers and counting.

Roberto serves on the advisory board of Social Blue Book as well as other ventures within the Social Media landscape.

Roberto will teach you 5 keys to dominating Youtube, SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) to use YouTube to market and amplify your business.

  1.  Solid titles and descriptions - promise to viewer  
  2.  Thumbnails 
  3.  Tags and tag research
  4.  Creativity, consistency and content
  5.  Research and data driven decisions
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Building a Strength-based Business, Part II
with Darren Virassammy

Building a Strength-based Business, Part II with Darren Virassammy

Part II! Tactical: Based on your strengths—Focus on your greatness and diminish the grind in your daily business. How to apply your strengths effectively to be most effective at your work and learn what you should "outsource" or diminish. Do more of what you are best at!

Darren Virassammy is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 34 Strong Inc. In today's fast-paced business environment, Darren Virassammy reminds entrepreneurs and business owners that they need to look inward. Solopreneuers especially need to understand and develop their personal strengths and focus on where they excel in order to reach their potential.

Building a Strength-based Business, Part I
with Darren Virassammy

Building a Strength-based Business, Part I with Darren Virassammy

Strategic Two-Parter! Part I will begin with building a strength-based business - self-awareness and contributions and needs. Getting to an awareness of who you are - shine and blind. Attendees can take a downloadable self-assessment which will give them information to help them implement during Part II.

Darren Virassammy is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 34 Strong Inc. In today's fast-paced business environment, Darren Virassammy reminds entrepreneurs and business owners that they need to look inward. Solopreneuers especially need to understand and develop their personal strengths and focus on where they excel in order to reach their potential.

Mobile Monster: Run Your Business from Anywhere!
with Dawn Brolin

Mobile Monster: Run Your Business from Anywhere! with Dawn Brolin

Have your mobile device handy for this presentation!

In today's society, you MUST be willing to adopt mobile applications as an entrepreneur. To keep up with the changes, this presentation will help you become more aware of how to resolve daily challenges and run your business from anywhere with the use of mobile solutions. Dawn will tell you which apps will aid you as a solopreneur or entrepreneur. Make technology work for you!

Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE is one of today’s top authorities and most compelling thought leaders in business technology, fraud prevention and accounting. She keeps small businesses up to date on the latest applications and other business finance skills that keep solopreneurs competitive. Dawn Brolin CPA, CFE is considered by Accounting Today as being on a roster that is “… one of the most influential ever. The changes currently under way in the profession are so significant that the decisions {Dawn} makes now and in the coming years and months will have repercussions that will be felt for decades to come.” Accounting Today, September 2018, “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting”.

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Create a Personal Brand That Attracts Clients to You
with Karen Tiber Leland

Create a Personal Brand That Attracts Clients to You with Karen Tiber Leland

Photographer attendees will learn:

  1. What are the biggest branding challenges photographers face when branding their product and service & how to overcome those challenges.
  2. How to avoid the most common branding mistakes.
  3. The most important social media outlets for professional photographers to brand themselves?
  4. How would a professional photographer get started on branding?

Karen Tiber Leland is the founder of Sterling Marketing Group, a branding & marketing strategy firm, where she helps clients build stronger personal, team and business brands. Clients include Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

She is the best-selling author of nine books, which have sold more than 400,000 copies. Her latest is The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build and Accelerate Your Brand. Karen writes regularly for,, and

Karen is Chairman of the Board for the nonprofit 100 Cameras and has been interviewed by The Today Show, Fortune, CNN, Bloomberg, Oprah, Fast Company, INC. magazine and others.

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Rapid Growth the Lazy Way
with Matthew Pollard

Watch the Replay

Rapid Growth the Lazy Way with Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard will reveal his tried and tested Rapid Growth® blueprint, which offers three simple steps to success:

  1. Differentiation and Message Unification
  2. Niche Marketing
  3. Sales Systemization

Matthew Pollard is an outspoken small-business advocate, Rapid Growth® Coach, and international keynote speaker. He’s the host of two top-ranked podcasts and the author of the bestseller The Introvert’s Edge, called “a game changer” by Neil Patel. Praised as “the real deal” by Forbes, Matthew has been featured in Fortune, INC., Entrepreneur, and CEO Magazine, and is a regular TV, radio, and podcast guest nationwide.

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Combating the Intense Stress of Business Ownership
with Dr. Fergus Connolly

Watch the Replay

Combating the Intense Stress of Business Ownership with Dr. Fergus Connolly

Did you know that entrepreneurs are high-performing individuals and can experience the same level of stress as pro athletes and military elite? Performance Scientist, Dr. Fergus Connolly, shares his experiences with training top performers such as pro-football players and elite, US-military teams and parallels the high-performer triggers that are shared by entrepreneurs. Most business owners who burn out are so entrenched that they don't even see it coming. Fergus teaches how to recognize, avoid and combat the intense stress that comes with owning your own business.

Dr. Fergus Connolly, former Performer Director for the San Francisco 49ers, consultant for US Special Forces and Navy Seals and author of Game Changer and 59 Lessons, is an expert in recognizing, confronting, avoiding and coping with extreme stress and breakdown.

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How to Raise Your Rates without Feeling Weird
with Samantha Bennett

Watch the Replay

How to Raise Your Rates without Feeling Weird with Samantha Bennett

Raising your rates is part of doing business. The 80/20 rule indicates that 20% of your clients bring in 80% of your income. So if you’re ready to learn how to fire the bottom 50% without impacting your top line, tune in to this session of PPAedu, hosted by Samantha Bennett!

She will teach you HOW to raise your rates, how to quantify number to the customer, the pros and cons of individual or package pricing, and how to put a referral program in place. You don’t want to miss this session!

Originally from Chicago, Samantha Bennett is a writer, speaker, actor, teacher and creativity/productivity specialist. She is the author of the bestselling book, “Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day” and “Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers and Recovering Perfectionists.” Sam is the creator of The Organized Artist Company – NOT an oxymoron – dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck, focus and move forward on their goals. 

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Turbo-charged Goals and Long-term Motivation
with Jonathan Robinson

Watch the Replay

Turbo-charged Goals and Long-term Motivation with Jonathan Robinson

Are you ready to learn how to set goals and stick with them? This next session of PPAedu Live will show you how! Jonathan Robinson has learned from the world’s experts, and will share how to manifest your own dreams. He teaches a simple technique which he says is over 95% effective in helping us keeping our own promises. Procrastination ends here! In fact, before demonstrating the method on Oprah, he had to get permission from one of the highest levels of the federal government.

An expert on stress, mental performance, and human behavior, Jonathan has made numerous appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and many other national TV talk shows, reaching over 250 million people. Jonathan shows his audiences how to dramatically improve their focus, memory, and communication skills using fast, proven techniques that take a few minutes or less.

Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, best-selling author of 12 books, and a professional speaker. Articles about Jonathan Robinson have appeared in USA Today, Newsweek and The Los Angeles Times. Over the past 30 years he has spoken to dozens of Fortune 500 companies including Google, Microsoft, Dell Computer, Coca-Cola, and Fed-Ex. Jonathan has written several bestseller books including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Awakening Your Spirituality, Shortcuts to Success, Find Happiness Now, The Little Book of Big Questions, and Communication Miracles for Couples. 

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Silent Sales: The Art of Listening and Closing without “Closing”
with Steve Heroux

Watch the Replay

Silent Sales: The Art of Listening and Closing without Closing with Steve Heroux

Learning to overcome objections to boost sales is overrated and antiquated. Most salespeople talk too much, don’t listen enough, and are constantly in “pitch mode” instead of “solution mode”, which is why they struggle with closing the sale. In this session of PPAedu, hosted by Steve Heroux, you will learn how to create an environment where your prospects ask YOU what the next steps are. You’ll gain an understanding of the art of asking effective questions and listening intently so the client feels heard and the salesperson can offer a solution to which they would easily say yes.

Quick witted, highly engaged, and especially authentic, Steve Heroux is a Professional Sales Trainer, keynote speaker, and leading authority in providing cutting-edge strategies on selling in today's marketplace. With more than 22 years of success in sales and sales management, he has generated tens of millions in sales, trained thousands of salespeople to reach their targets, and risen to the top of his field in multiple industries. With none of the same old, regurgitated, and slimy sales training drivel that’s been taught for decades, Steve teaches the “right” way to be successful in sales. Down-to-earth and honest, he will show you the true power that communication combined with integrity can bring you. 


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Stand Out. Be Different.
with Jesse Cole

Watch the Replay

Stand Out. Be Different. with Jesse Cole

How to design the Ultimate Customer Experience. If you offer the same experience as everyone else, you’re going to get the same results as everyone. You need to Stand Out and Be Different.

  • Evaluate your current customer map and customer journey.
  • Learn how to create Raving Fans that are loyal instead of customers that are transactional.
  • Using Raving Fans & Customer for Life techniques, you will learn to map the perfect customer journey with your company.
  • How to develop the Fans First mentality to create attention and word of mouth marketing from your biggest supporters.
  • Discover how to never lose a customer again with a step by step plan to wow your customers even after the sale.

"Whatever is normal, do the exact opposite," are the words Jesse Cole lives by. Jesse founded Fans First Entertainment, and starting with just debt, challenges and a dream, founded and turned the Savannah Bananas into multi-million dollar baseball team. Jesse creates a customer experience like none other by breaking the rules. He creates a circus-like atmosphere at his ballpark. From dancing players, Grandma Beauty Pageants, and Flatulence Fun Nights to Porta-Jon giveaways and garbage-can nachos, he has tried it all.

Jesse and his team quickly became a hit all over the country, receiving coverage from national media outlets, including ESPN, CNN, and Good Morning America. Now Jesse's passion is to teach other business owners to Find their Yellow Tux and provide exceptional experiences for as many people as possible. He teaches leaders to love their customers and love their employees.

Be different, stand out and go bananas!

Jesse Cole is the founder of Fans First Entertainment and owner of the Savannah Bananas. His teams have welcomed more than one million fans to their ballparks and have been featured on MSNBC, CNN and ESPN.

Jesse is an in-demand speaker and released his first book, "Find Your Yellow Tux – How to Be Successful by Standing Out", in January of 2018.  The book launched #1 in three categories on Amazon and has been sold in 18 countries. Staying true to his mantra, "Whatever’s Normal, Do the Exact Opposite," Cole launched the book with a World Book Tour… at Epcot.

Cole is the Host of the Business Done Differently Podcast and has been featured on more than 100 podcasts including the Ziglar Show, StoryBrand with Donald Miller and NPR's Only a Game.


Learn more about Jesse's work at


Win the Sale and Gain Buy-In
with Cindy Ashton

Watch the Replay

Win the Sale and Gain Buy-In with Cindy Ashton

Win the Sale & Gain Buy-In: Riveting Body Language and Voice Tactics to Optimize Your Impact – 7 ways to close sales by what you do with your speaking voice 

  • Learn how to use your speaking voice to draw people in and keep them listening 
  • Ignite your natural magnetism to read as compelling and confident so your prospects TRUST your word 
  • Unlock powerful body language used by world class entertainers to influence people into action 
  • Learn posture exercises to ensure how you stand doesn’t turn off potential clients

Cindy Ashton is Uncorked! Born with a 20% chance of living, doctors weren’t optimistic, but Cindy was not one to play the odds. By age 3, she was already wearing blue sequins, singing classics and dancing around her living room. Since then she’s had over 20 years in musical theater and 10 years of opera training. She has studied with Second City, Royal Conservatory of Music, Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, and Livent of Canada. She's been featured in Inc. Magazine, Investment News, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and Forbes, and is the host of Cindy Uncorked on E360tv, appearing on 186 million screens worldwide. Her credentials go on, but in short Cindy is an expert at presence, breath, and interacting with the people on her personal and business stage – which for the people she coaches, means the dance with clients.

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Time Management.  You Have Time, You Need Priorities
with Andrew Mellen   

Watch the Replay

Time Management.You Have Time, You Need Priorities with Andrew Mellen

Topic Highlights:

  • We all have the same number of hours in the day.What makes some people so productive is how they use them.
  • Learn simple, practical steps on how to create priorities and stick with them.
  • Minor tweaks to make improvements your productivity.

For over 12 years now Andrew Mellen, “The Most Organized Man in America” has been speaking, training and entertaining audiences from corporate CEOs, bankers and attorneys to teachers, parents and artists.

As a speaker Andrew creates an engaging atmosphere to bring a variety of organizational-related topics to life, including: organization, time management, project management, sustainability, simplicity and the intersection of spirituality and simplifying.

Andrew’s unique style skillfully blends the best discoveries in scientific research with stories of everyday life, delivered in easy-to-understand language.  Andrew takes the “I’ll do it someday” promise that attendees have made…and makes it TODAY! Andrew is the author of the popular book, Unstuff Your Life.


Learn more about Andrew’s work at

Networking – 4 Points of LinkedIn Success
with Donna Serdula

Watch the Replay

Networking – 4 Points of LinkedIn Success with Donna Serdula

Ready to use LinkedIn to connect with more customers and increase sales for your business? If so, you don’t want to miss this PPAedu Live session with Donna Serdula!

Topic Highlights:

  • Learn about a few of the recent releases from LinkedIn! LinkedIn offers new tools to network with that you probably aren’t using…but should be.
  • “Find Nearby” lets you find and connect with your Links live – because you know who is attending the same conference, meeting, expo and are in the room.

Donna Serdula is the author of LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies and the Founder and CEO of LinkedIn-Makeover.  No one knows how to utilize LinkedIn as a business tool like Donna.  LinkedIn is THE most powerful real-time networking business tool available.

Learn more about Donna’s work at

Customer Experience - Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers
with Ramon Ray

Watch the Replay

Customer Experience - Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers with Ramon Ray

Learn how to nurture your potential customers by helping them learn to like and trust you, which will improve the client experience as well as your photography sales! Ramon Ray will show you how in this PPAedu Live session.

Topic Highlights:

  • How small business owners and entrepreneurs can ATTRACT, SELL and WOW.
  • Learn the three-phase process which helps you attract more customers and to educate them until they buy
  • How to wow your clients so they buy again and again… and tell others

Ramon Ray is the editor of Smart Hustle magazine.  He is a leading authority on social media and branding.  Ramon is an expert on building customer relationships, networking and utilizing technology tools.

Learn more about Ramon’s work at

Photographers: Find Your Best Customers w/ Mike Michalowicz

Watch the Replay

Photographers: Find Your Best Customers w/ Mike Michalowicz

Learn how to clone your business’ best clients! Bring in more of the customers that bring you the most money. Mike Michalowicz will show you how as he drives knowledge home with engaging stories and intuitive, easy-to-apply methods.

Topic Highlights:

Mike Michalowicz is a bestselling author (check out the Gap Book Recommendations page !), TV on-location host, Imaging USA speaker, and business success expert. He has founded multiple million-dollar businesses and is the leading authority on growing small, service businesses…


Learn more about Mike’s work at

More to be announced soon, ALWAYS ON WEDNESDAYS AT 2PM ET!