Bridging The Gap Book Recommendations

For bookworms & professional development addicts:

Most of the speakers who are sharing their knowledge and experience to help “close the gap” between photographers and consumers are recognized authors who’ve already helped creative small business owners bridge the gap in their respective industries.

Here are some very useful books from their arsenal that are specifically curated to help photographers and creative small business owners:

The book that Phil M. Jones presented at Imaging USA is a special edition made specifically for photographers. It’s called ‘Exactly What So Say for Professional Photographers.’ This book is such a useful read… and one that will help you with sales in general! Phil has three other books you might want to check out – all on his website:




Exactly Where to Start: The Practical Guide to Bringing Your BIG Idea to Life: this book is to help you get out of your own way and bring your ideas to life! It’s a playbook for everyone with a great idea, everyone with a goal in mind, and everyone with a specific destination but no journey. We’ve been told all our lives that “good things come to those who wait”—but that’s a myth. Good things come to those who do and too often, we get stuck in the “getting ready” stage. This book coaches you through the journey with precise, actionable steps that help you discard the distractions, break through the overwhelm, and get going for real with a real-world blueprint.

Exactly How to Sell: The Sales Guide for Non-Sales Professionals. This book walks you through a tried and true process that draws on time-tested methods that are designed to attract and keep more customers. No matter what you are selling (yourself, your product or your services) this simple read is certain to provide you actionable strategies to deliver you more of the sales results you are looking for.

Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact teaches you the tactics to get more of what you want by mastering the simple persuasion triggers of language. Often the decisions between a customer choosing you over someone like you is your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it and how to make it count. Phil created a professional photographers editions, specifically for PPA, so if you didn’t get your copy at Imaging USA, order yours now!

LINGO is a book that photographers will find super useful. Here’s why: The fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to have a successful business is to work with your ideal customers. They value your offering and pay you what it's worth and they are a joy to serve. But how can you rise above the noise in a crowded marketplace to attract these customers? You learn to speak their secret language.


In LINGO, professional photographer, serial entrepreneur, business coach, and host of Creative Warriors podcast, Jeffrey Shaw reveals how to make your business irresistible to your ideal customers by showing them that you get them. In this book you'll learn:


  • The 5-step secret language strategy to go from being overlooked to being overbooked, under a year
  • How LINGO as a marketing strategy makes competition almost irrelevant
  • How pricing can attract, not deter, your ideal customer
  • How to develop a brand image that magnetizes your customer and filters out the rest

With game-changing insights, practical action steps, and relatable examples, Jeffrey opens a groundbreaking conversation to make business easier, more profitable, and more positively impactful for any entrepreneur. Find out more about it at

Mike Michalowicz has 5 perennial bestsellers that can help you bridge the gap! Endorsed by Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki he goes down to the brass tacks to help you get stuff done!

He created the Clockwork system to immediately and permanently bring efficiency to organizations and businesses like yours. Clockwork teaches you to own your business rather than run your business. It will give you more free time, more automated cash and more freedoms to be yourself. It’s a chock full of practical and relatable advice and reminds entrepreneurs why they set out on the adventure while offering them a toolbox.




In Profit First, Mike Michalowicz explains a profoundly simple yet shockingly effective accounting plug-in that will transform your business from a cash eating monster into a money making machine. This new method is the easiest and smartest way to ensure your business becomes wildly (and permanently) profitable from your very next deposit forward.



To achieve the ultimate in entrepreneurial breakthrough success requires an uncanny ability to spot the next big wave of consumer demand — but how do you do that? For most small business owners, the true cash cows seem to be reserved for lucky people who were in the right place at the right time. In the book Surge, Mike Michalowicz shares five steps to identify trends in your marketplace. After this from- no-nonsense read, you’ll realize you don’t need to wait for a lucky break. You can make it yourself.



In The Pumpkin Plan, Mike Michalowicz reveals how applying the same few simple methods farmers use to grow colossal prize-winning pumpkins can lead entrepreneurs to grow colossally successful businesses. Who would have ever thought, that the key to explosive entrepreneurial success was held by pumpkin farmers? Just as almost every pumpkin farmer grows ordinary Halloween carving pumpkins, most entrepreneurs grow ordinary, unremarkable businesses. Yet by tweaking their approach in small ways, farmers can grow giant, prize-winning pumpkins that get all the attention and press coverage.



The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is a business book that is so uniquely useful, so raw and entertaining, it reads like the brainchild of Steve Jobs and Chris Rock. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at this for years, Mike’s “get real” approach to business is a much needed swift kick in the pants. It is real. It is raw. It is entrepreneurship. Never started a company before? Struggling with little or no cash? Have no


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There are two types of change we all face:

  1. Intentional change that we create for ourselves and
  2. Unintentional change that can be forced upon us.

Having spent 263 straight days in the hospital with his son battling cancer, Brant has experienced the ultimate unintentional change. His co-author, Jim Trick, once lived his life at 430 lbs before deciding to intentionally change his future and lost 200 lbs...twice.

Change, while incredibly challenging, is not impossible. We’ve just never been taught how to approach and powerfully engage it. And Rock n Roll with it: Overcoming the Challenge of Change provides a framework to understand how change works and equip you with specific strategies to accomplish the kind of transformational change that leads to the type of life you really that bears fruit and enriches those around you.

Check out to find out more.

By 2020, Generation Z is expected to comprise 40 percent of all consumers. The time to learn who they are and what they want is NOW. Drawn from original quantitative research and interviews, Marketing to Gen Z paints a fascinating portrait of the newest buyers now entering the scene. Having internalized the lessons of the Great Recession, this pivotal generation blends the pragmatism and work ethic of older generations with the high ideals and digital prowess of youth. Marketing to Gen Z: The Rules for Reaching This Vast– and Very Different– Generation of Influencer is a book by Jeff Fromm and Angie Read. It offers dozens of examples and insights for connecting and conversing, including how to:

  • Get past the 8-second filter
  • Avoid blatant advertising and tap influencer marketing
  • Reflect their values
  • Understand their language and off-beat humor
  • Adapt content and social media strategies
  • Offer the shopping experiences they expect
  • & more.


Millennials with Kids: Marketing to This Powerful and Surprisingly Different Generation of Parents, by Jeff Fromm and Marissa Vidler

This book changes how we think about this new generation of parents and uncovers profound insights for marketers and brand strategists seeking to earn their loyalty.  Building on the highly acclaimed Marketing to Millennials, this book captures data from a new large-scale generational study, and reveals how to: • Enlist Millennial parents as co-creators of brands and products • Promote purpose beyond the bottom line • Cultivate shareability • Democratize the customer experience • Integrate technology • Develop content-driven campaigns that speak to Millennials.

Through a goldmine of interviews, digestible segments brought to life and examples of brand successes and failures, this book helps marketers rethink the typical American household—and connect with these critical consumers in the complex participation economy.

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