There Is a Gap Between Photographers and Consumers.

Are You Ready to Bridge It?Photographers you can improve your sales with PPA.  Lets Bridge the Gap together.

There are 5 main areas where PPA helps photographers focus on what has changed in the photographic industry and bridge the gap between photographers and their consumers:

  1. Who your clients are and what they need
  2. How to overcome business fears
  3. What has changed in the industry
  4. How to attract the right clients
  5. What it takes to conquer in-person sales

With a wide variety of success-oriented videos, articles, and resources, you'll find a diverse collection of viewpoints that have been carefully curated to help you succeed in your business on your terms.

A lot of associations and learning platforms offer all the traditional business and photography technique content. And so does PPA, plus, this Bridging The Gap approach which is uniquely PPA’s. It’s the reason why PPA exists. And it is because we PPA’s a nationwide non-profit that we can bring this to you and help make a real difference in your photography business… at no extra cost!

Get started right now with tools to help you bridge the gap:

The goal is to provide you a wide range of views on entrepreneurialism from the perspective of photography-industry insiders (of course!) but also (and for a change!) from true sales & marketing experts from the outside.  

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