What are the PPA Degrees?

Degrees are a vital way for photographers to keep up (and prove that you do!) with the latest the photographic industry has to offer. Official degrees like PPA's also give you an edge in business. If you've made the decision to pursue a degree through PPA, it's time to pick the one you want to work towards.

There Are 4 Kinds of Degrees through PPA:

The Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.) is awarded for service as an orator, author or mentor through PPA-vetted programs. When you earn this degree, you're showing that you have gone beyond the creation of images and committed yourself to moving the industry forward and promoting education.

To earn a Photographic Craftsman degree, you'll need to pick up 13 speaking merits as well as 12 additional merits of your choosing.

How To Earn Photographic Craftsman

The Master of Photography (M.Photog.) goes to professional photographers who have shown superior photographic skills. This is done through the Photographic Open category of PPA's International Photographic Competition, by showing a dedication to serving the industry and an advanced education.

This degree requires that you earn 13 exhibition merits as well as 12 additional merits of your choosing.

How to Earn Master of Photography

The Master Artist (M.Artist) (formerly known as the Master of Electronic Imaging Degree) is awarded for superior photographic skills. Photographers demonstrate this through the Artist Exhibition category of the PPA International Photographic Competition with images evaluated for computer-applied techniques and proficiency as well as their advanced education and service to the industry.

To earn a Master Artist degree, you'll need to pick up 13 artist exhibition merits as well as 12 additional merits of your choosing.

How To Earn Master Artist

The Master of Wedding Photography (M.Wed.Photog.) degree is awarded to wedding photographers who earn the requisite number of merits in three categories: superior photographic skills demonstrated through excellence in PPA's International Photographic Competition, advanced education, and service to the industry.

Earning this degree enables wedding photographers to improve their skills and knowledge in this unique niche as well as establish credibility with clients.

And There Are All Sorts Of Ribbons!

PPA degree recipients are presented with a colored ribbon and medallion when they receive their degree. There is a different ribbon color for each degree, and multiple degree holders will have multi-colored ribbons in accordance with the degrees they have earned.

You can explore PPA's gallery of Degrees, Ribbons, Medals, and additional honors presented to degree holders and various award winners. It will help you identify people's achievement when you see photographers proudly wearing decorations around their necks!