Register for the CPP Exam

You've declared your candidacy to become a Certified Professional Photographer and have put in countless hours studying. Now it's time for you to register for the CPP exam.

In-person CPP Exam Registration

Want to take the exam in-person? Great! However, to successfully register you'll need to:

Online CPP Exam Registration

Rather take the CPP Exam online? You can do that, too! Registration will require:

Important Information to Remember When Registering for the CPP Exam

Taking the exam in-person but don't see one listed in your area? No worries! You can request that an exam be scheduled by contacting your CPP Liaison.

Also, it's crucial that you do not say that have you have declared your CPP candidacy if you have not in fact declared your CPP candidacy. If you have not declared, or if you are a current CPP, you will not be registered to test.

With all that said, good luck with your CPP Exam!

Declare Your CPP Candidacy