CPP Liaisons

The road to becoming a Certified Professional Photographer can sometimes get a little bumpy. When that happens, it sure does help to have expert advice.

Thanks to CPP Liaisons, you have access to exactly that!
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A CPP Liaison is a subject-matter expert who has committed to helping CPP candidates like you during their journey. They're someone you can reach out to when you need something clarified, some guidance or just someone to offer perspective.

In short, they're there to help you succeed! Find out who the CPP Liaison is in your region.

  • Schedule a CPP Exam: Certification Liaisons must proctor one CPP certification exam per year in their area. And remember, exams must be scheduled at least 60 days from the exam date to give interested candidates time to register. Exams can be scheduled here.
  • CPP Award Order Form: Certification Liaisons can order the CPP Award for a state, regional, or district PPA image competition. This award is given to the Certified Professional Photographer who receives the highest print score during a state or regional annual competition. Please use the CPP Award Order Form to place an order.

CPP Liaisons have a lot to keep on top of so here are some resources to help them do that:

If you're a PPA member who has maintained your certification and want to help others achieve the same success you have, then we'd love to have you!

It's the job of CPP Liaisons to maintain the integrity of the program and to promote certification. It's also the job of CPP Liaisons to administer the certification program under the credentialing standards set by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence ICE.

It's a pretty big job, but we know you're up to it! Email us at cppmailbox@ppa.com!

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