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You've declared your candidacy to become a Certified Professional Photographer and have put in countless hours studying. Now it's time for you to register for the CPP exam.


Online CPP Exam Registration

To schedule an online exam please allow at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance. To register:

  • Create an account, schedule your exam date and time on ProctorU (additional $25 fee)
    • For additional assistance on how to create an account and/or schedule your exam date, download the ProctorU Guide

What resources are available to help prepare for the CPP exam?

Test Outline

This resource is an outline of each topic covered on the exam. It also provides a percentage of questions per topic.

2022 Test Outline

Reference Material

Photography - London, Stone, and Upton (11th or 12th edition)

Complete Digital Photography - Ben Long (8th or 9th edition)

Become a Certified Professional Photographer with this sequential guide to take you through the process of Certification from start to finish. Enroll in the CPP Curriculum to watch over 40 videos dedicated to the CPP program!

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! And the same holds true for acing your CPP exam!

Put what you’ve studied to the test before the test itself with resources like:

Flash Cards

Flash cards are a tried-and-true method for self-drilling. That’s why we provide some for you to use during your test prep! You will find six different study modes so you can use what works best for you! Check them out here!


As with any test, the CPP Exam has a lot of terms and phrases to be knowledgeable of. Not only will you find a list of keywords for exam topics, but you'll also get a glossary to define them as well. And remember, understanding is more than just knowing a definition. It's about knowing how to apply the knowledge in different situations! So make sure you know how to apply the concepts you learn, rain or shine. It's truly helpful!

Available for additional purchase, these guides are designed by an approved CPP instructor to give you an extra boost in your studies. You’ve watched the webinars, memorized the glossary, and taken the sample tests. But maybe you feel like you could use a little more. If that’s the case, you might consider using a study guide. Please note the purchase of a study guide is not required for the CPP program and is meant to be used in conjunction with the free resources provided on this page!

Available study guides include:

Don't just take it from us, watch some current CPPs chat about the importance of certification and why they chose to get certified!

And more videos and resources will continually be added JUST for you CPPs!