CPP Liaison FAQS

What is a Certification Liaison?
Certification Liaisons know the certification program inside and out. The liaison acts as a spokesperson for certification, assisting candidates and existing certified photographers as an expert and source of information. Liaisons must maintain their certification and PPA Membership and are entrusted with responsibilities to the committee to maintain the integrity of the program.

What are the benefits to being a Certification Liaison?
Certification Liaisons promote certification and administer the certification program under the credentialing standards set by the National Organization of Competency Assurance (NOCA). In return, Certification Liaisons are recognized publicly as liaisons and receive service merits if they are active members of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Certification Liaison?

  • I will endeavor to understand the CPP program and process and be able to explain all aspects to candidates, consumers, and existing certified photographers.
  • I will schedule to proctor at least one Certification Examination per year, giving significant lead time (60 days) for candidates to register and prepare*. *Please note that this is a requirement for all liaisons. No service merits will be granted for volunteering if the liaison does not schedule at least one Certification Exam each year.
  • Join the CPP Liaison Facebook page.
  • I will physically proctor the exam and send the exams back to PPA in a timely manner for scoring.
  • I will recruit and assist candidates through the entire certification process.
  • I will promote the CPP program on a local and state level to photographers.
  • I will act as the primary source of information for answers regarding certification.
  • I understand that liaisons are accountable to PPA, CPPs, and candidates and will provide feedback and reporting when necessary.
  • I will communicate with PPA through the proper channels when questions arise that can't be answered by a Certification Liaison.
  • I will allow my phone number and e-mail address to be published on the Certification website as a contact for interested parties.
  • I will display CPP designation on my business website and/or social media accounts.
  • I will work cohesively with other Liaisons in my area if applicable.
  • I agree to present the CPP Award at state conventions to highlight certification if needed.
  • I agree to maintain the confidentiality of all privileged information regarding the Certification program. This includes but is not limited to: Maintaining the integrity and proprietary nature of the CPP Exam, Not proctoring exams for family members or any candidate related to the proctor without another Liaison present, Not participating in the development or advisement of other photographic related Certification programs.

*Please note that this is a requirement for all liaisons. No service merits will be granted (when applicable) for volunteering if the liaison does not schedule at least one Certification Exam each year.

How can I become a Certification Liaison?
Are you a current CPP? OK, that's step one. Are you an active PPA member? Step two!

If you checked yes to both, then email cppmailbox@ppa.com to request a liaison application. Applications will be reviewed by PPA and those selected will be contacted for training. If you are selected and cannot fulfill your duties, or wish to resign from your volunteer position within the year, you must contact PPA. You cannot transfer your liaison role to another person.

What tools and resources can a Certification Liaison access to help promote the Certification Program?
Lots! We've got all you need to stay familiar with all aspects of certification.

  • A private community on theLoop created to open a dialogue between other liaisons and PPA
  • A PowerPoint to brush-up and share crucial, timely information which can be passed to candidates
  • Access to the Certification Committee and PPA staff to address particular questions as needed
  • E-newsletters for the latest regarding the certification program
  • Printed certification materials available to order to promote the certification program at events
  • A liaison meeting at Imaging USA

Can there be more than one Certification Liaison in each state?
Of course! PPA recognizes that many states need more than one Certification Liaison to assist candidates and existing certified photographers with the certification program. Even if there may be more than one liaison in your state, PPA encourages all qualified certified photographers to apply for a Certification Liaison position to help promote the program to photographers and consumers. Those states with more than one liaison will have a Certification Liaison team leader to help with administrative issues if necessary.

Where can I offer proctored certification exams?
Certification exams may be offered at any event where interested certification candidates wish to take the exam. This includes regional, state, and local PPA affiliate events and non-PPA events. You (the Certification Liaison) are responsible for ensuring that there is space available to proctor the exam in a quiet, enclosed setting for at least two hours. You can also proctor the exam to candidates outside of photographic events, including at a studio, following the proctoring guidelines set out by the PPCC. All exams must be published on the CPP Exam Registration page to allow candidates to choose the exam most convenient to them.

How do I schedule a proctored certification exam?
To schedule an exam, fill out the "request to proctor an exam" form. Once the form is submitted, the exam date will be placed on the website and candidates will be offered the opportunity to register.

How do I proctor a certification exam?
Once you submit a date to proctor a certification exam, you are required to be present at the scheduled time and place regardless of the number of registered candidates. A few days before the scheduled exam, a packet will be shipped to you. The packet will include sealed exams (only for registered candidates) and a pre-paid return shipping envelope. Instructions for the administration of the actual exam are included in the packet.

After proctoring the exam, return all exams (used and unopened). All candidates will be notified of their results by certification staff via email.

How can I request certification information for distribution?
Simply email cppmailbox@ppa.com and we'll send you any information you need!

Who do I contact for questions regarding Certification?
Please email cppmailbox@ppa.com with questions and a certification representative will contact you.