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Why does PPA do this? 

The harsh reality of copyright law in America is that our nation's one-size-fits-all system leaves out most visual artists. The system currently works for low-volume, high-value creators – motion picture creators, recording artists, etc., but it is largely ineffective for small creative businesses like professional photographers.

Copyright laws and the copyright system as a whole need to reflect 21st century technology as it affects you, your work and your business. That's why PPA spearheads the fight for artists' rights! Together we can fix the copyright's unfair system!

The more professional photographers we have on the team, the louder our voice will be. Help us make positive change in our industry by signing up for The Fight for Artists' Rights today.

A small claims process for copyright enforcement would be the single most important copyright improvement for photographers.

David Trust, PPA CEO

Because most common infringements are valued at a few thousand dollars or less, seeking remedies in Federal Court is not a viable option. Consequently, many creators have copyright protection on paper, but no viable option for enforcing those rights.

A small claims option would correct this decade-long inequity in the law and would extend protection under the law to hundreds of thousands of small-business creators. Visual artists are entitled to an effective means of enforcing their intellectual property rights. The time has come to correct this injustice.

PPA has spent decades fighting for this change to copyright law and the time has finally come, with the House Judiciary Committee taking up the issue and at least two pieces of legislation making their way onto the House floor.  

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