Benefits / Advocacy & Copyright Protection

Copyright law is a battle that we have been fighting for years. Your images are unique, and rightfully yours. But ownership isn’t always attributed to the person behind the camera.


PPA is in this for the betterment of the industry. We advocate for you by pushing our state and national legislators to better serve and protect photographer rights in our technology-driven world, and by arming you with tools to protect yourself from being exploited.

Protect Yourself

Protect your work, your business and your reputation with PPA’s sample copyright and usage agreements, designed to cover you before the going gets tough… and even after it does. From licensing agreements and transfers to infringement notices and cease and desist demands, we give you the resources to be proactive – and reactive when needed!


The CASE Act

December 27, 2020, marks the day that America’s creators achieved a long-sought goal: the creation of a new small-claims process. The US Copyright Office (USCO) is now tasked with managing this small claims tribunal, the Copyright Claims Board (CCB), and facilitating its function as an instrument for pursuing copyright infringement. This low-cost proceeding helps individuals pursue copyright infringers without the requirement of a lawyer, which leads to even greater cost savings for the copyright holder.

The eCCB is an online system that facilitates the CCB and is officially live and accepting claims. You can register for the eCCB here and access the CCB Handbook created by the USCO. The CCB Handbook is the practice manual that provides resources for filing, responding to, opting out of claims, seeking assistance with your claim, and other important information.

In the meantime, it's still vitally important that you protect your copyright by incorporating prudent routines into your process. Check out our Copyright Kit for information on how to protect your copyright.

There will now be a small claims tribunal for small creators, and they will have the same protections afforded to every other American business. The playing field has finally been leveled.

David Trust, PPA CEO