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January 23, 2019

You Won’t Believe Who’s Printing These Photographs…

Rocky Mountain Adventures in Fort Collins, CO, is using a rather analog system to develop rafter’s photographs: homing pigeons!

In an effort to reduce wait-time for rafters to receive their photos and to prevent shoot-and-never-get-off-the-computer digital photos, the river-rafting company has developed this amazing process.

Homing pigeons, with backpacks, fly the film from the rafters’ cameras to the outpost in Fort Collins. The film is developed and waiting on the rafters when they return from their trip!

This seems like a lot of work to go through, but we love it because it emphasizes the value of PRINT. Read the article on Atlas Obscura, and be sure to join PPA's Print Movement to help our world rediscover the value of printed photos.