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February 02, 2024

World Photographic Cup Finalists & Best of Nation Winner Announced!

Monday night at Imaging USA concluded with a presentation of the images selected for Team USA at the World Photographic Cup, the “Olympics of Photography.” The competition includes 31 countries that will compete later this year in Dallas, Texas in April 2024. This year, Kevin Dooley was honored with the Best of Nations award for his image in the Nature and Wildlife category. For a look at the 2024 WPC finalists from each of the different image categories, view the online gallery. Watch the live recorded ceremony below. 


Team USA 

Commercial Photography
Michael Landes 
Richard Sturdevant 
Ben Shirk  - Finalist


Digital Art
Sherrie Fryxell - Finalist 
Cheryl Moore - Finalist 
Rachel Owen  - Finalist


Illustrative Portrait
Aly Elliott - Finalist 
Dan McClanahan  - Finalist 
Kimberly Smith 


George Garcia - Finalist 
Lee Skrobot 
Ted York


Natural Portrait
Amber Damour
Jamie Hayes
Rachel Owen  


Kevin Dooley 
Lee McDaniel  - Finalist 
David McKay 


Jill Blanchar
Linda Sherrill 
Jerry Venz


Wedding Documentary
Christopher Gronde - Finalist 
Chris Keeley
Della Watters - Finalist 


Wedding Open
Aly Kuler - Finalist 
Tom Muñoz - Finalist 
Ray Roman - Finalist 


Kevin Dooley - Finalist 
Thea Martin 
Randy McNeilly