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June 02, 2017

The IPC, Instagram Tips, Saturation Maps, and More: Our Top Blog Posts from May 29-June 2

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for roundup weekly blog.jpgThe first weekend in June has arrived, and not only does that mean that summer is on its way, it also means that the year is half over! Take a look at these articles to make sure you're making the best choices for your business going forward.

Enter Your Images to The International Photographic Competition (IPC)!

COMPETITION: The IPC is PPA's annual photographic competition that allows photographers to test their skills, and get advice on how to improve quality, impact and technique through constructive competition and critiques from qualified jurors. Enter your finest images through June 21, 2017 for a chance to earn a merit, be part of the Loan collection, and be honored at Imaging USA! 

The Pros and Cons Of Shooting Wide Open:

TECHNIQUE: Many clients are gaga over bokeh in their portraits at the moment, and this article on Fstoppers takes a deep dive into whether you should push your lenses to the limit and shoot wide open to achieve the ideal shot, or take a sharper image and stop down a little.

3 Tips to Promote Your Photography Business on Instagram

INSTAGRAM: Interested in promoting your photography business on Instagram? Looking for some effective methods to use? Look no further and use these 3 best marketing tips!

Put Strategy Behind Your Passion:

BUSINESS TIPS: "Do what you love and money will follow."Who hasn't heard that heartfelt but incomplete advice? Pro photographer Suzanne Deaton, M.Photog., notes that, without a strategy behind the passion, you're just hoping to earn a living instead of planning on it. On Professional Photographer, Deaton offers advice to fellow photographers looking to follow their joy and pay the bills.

5 Ways Photographers Can Make Money From Free Shoots

CHARITABLE MARKETING: Though there is myriad advice warning against doing any free photography work, this article from Improve Photography makes a case for it when its done strategically, on your own terms, and for the people you want to have as clients. Take a look.

Choosing Where to Take Portraits in a Family's Home:

LOCATION: Planning to take some photos in a family home? Think carefully about the location. You want to choose a spot that is free from distracting clutter, but also puts the family at ease. Here are a few tips from PetaPixel.

How to Make Realistic Composites Using Saturation Maps:

PHOTOSHOP: Creating convincing composites is all about matching a number of characteristics, one of them being the saturation between the different elements of the final image. This helpful tutorial gives a quick and very effective method for precisely matching saturation. 

New Startup Aims to Simplify Copyright Issues For Photographers:

TECH TALK: Have you heard of the free service, Binded? When you upload an image to Binded, it creates a digital 'fingerprint' and monitors use of the image on the Internet, notifying you if it detects unauthorized use. Learn more on DPreview, and read the comments to weigh in on the possibilities and drawbacks. 

This Artist Started Drawing Absurd Client Requests:

FUNNY: Have you ever been asked to work for free, or even better "for exposure"?  Well, it seems that you're not alone, as this artist started making cartoons of outrageous client requests and they are hilarious. 

How to Register Your Images with the U.S. Copyright Office (Standard Application)

PROCESS: Though you own the copyright of your images as soon as you press the shutter on your camera, you may still want to take the extra step of registering your images with the U.S. Copyright Office. Learn the process in this article. 

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