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September 09, 2016

Why Followers Matter, Top National Parks for Photography and Need-to-Know Lightroom Shortcuts: Our Top Blog Posts from September 5 - 9

Friday has arrived, which means it's time for our weekly roundup! Take a look at this week's top

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1. Copyright Action: Two Copyright Related Podcasts and Calls to Action in one Day!

COPYRIGHT SMALL CLAIMS: You may have heard about upcoming legislation for a Copyright Small Claims Process. PPA is advocating for this change to copyright law as we believe it will help photographers better defend their copyrighted photos. PhotoTellers and FotoFacts interviewed PPA CEO David Trust and dived deep into the importance of this new piece of legislation! Once you've heard why it's so important, add your name to the list of supporters of the Copyright Grassroots Advocacy Team and help Copyright Small Claims become law.

2. Walking the Walk for Boudoir Photographers

BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY ADVICE: If you're a boudoir photographer, you've probably run into the issue of clients feeling self-conscious about their bodies that stress about how the photos will turn out. In this post on Fstoppers, photographers discuss what happened when they were the ones to go in front of the camera for a boudoir photo session. Read what they learned when putting themselves in the clients' position! 

3. Edit for Your Audience

EDITING: Do you find that you edit a photograph differently based on if it's for a client or a personal project? In this post from PetaPixel, read how the intended audience for a photograph can make all the difference when editing! 

4. The Best National Parks For Photography

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY/INSPIRATION: If you enjoy shooting landscapes, this post on Popular Photography is for you. Take a look at their favorite National Parks to shoot mountains, deserts, wildflowers and more! You may just be inspired to create your next photo project. 

5. Is a Lack of Followers Hurting You?

ONLINE MARKETING PART 1: Do followers, likes and other social media interactions really matter to your photography business? You may not realize it, but how many followers you have does make a difference, especially when trying to get models for a project. Read all about the importance of followers on Fstoppers.