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February 17, 2020

What’s New With PPA’s Education Department? Check Out This Article For A Peek Into New Innovations With Photography Workshops, Webinars, and The Business Challenge

We love to keep you informed about what PPA is innovating and improving every year. That’s why we started a new series of articles that are all about what’s new at PPA. These articles will focus on a different PPA department and will be posted every week. This week we’re telling you all about what’s new with the PPA education department.

We spoke to Sarah Liddell from PPAEdu to find out any news that members would like to know. There are a lot of exciting changes taking place with the PPA Business Challenge, PPA Photography Workshops, the PPAEdu webinars, and Facebook LIVE webinars.

Big News!

Super1Day has been rebranded as PPA Photography Workshops. This name change was to better reflect what Super1Day workshops actually were and to create a more SEO-friendly title. By changing the workshop name to PPA Photography Workshops, the name conveys what the event is, and sends a clear and concise message.

There are other workshop changes that were made in response to member survey feedback. The application deadline to apply to instruct a PPA Photography Workshop for Spring is Monday, February 17th. Apply today to pass down your photography tips to photographers who want to improve their craft!

The application deadline to apply to instruct a PPA photography workshop in Fall was moved up to accommodate the busy photo season. The application deadline for Fall instructors is now in September and not October.

The PPA Business Challenge

The Business Challenge began on February 1st. The big change for the Business Challenge is that when you register to join the challenge you can be added in at any time throughout the year instead of just three times a year. This change was enacted to make it easier for members to use the Business Challenge to improve their art and their business.

PPA Edu Video Webinars

The publishing schedule for video webinars has changed to be every other Monday. PPA Edu will also begin putting out a series of webinars centered on wedding photography starting with “The New Wedding Degree: What The Judges Are Looking For in Photographic Competition” on March 12th from 2 p.m.- 3 p.m., led by Mark Garber, M.Photog.Cr. and Richard Newell, M.Photog.Cr. This webinar is designed to be a great educational resource for wedding photographers hoping to enter a real-life wedding into the International Photographic Competition.

Merits awarded in this competition are used to earn the new Master of Wedding Photography degree, which was designed for working wedding photographers to grow and succeed.

Join IPC Manager Rich Newell and Mark Garber as they share insights on the new judging process, how judging works, and what the judges are looking for. Don’t miss out on this conversation! This webinar is especially useful for anyone seeking to earn merits for the new Master of Wedding Photography degree.

Facebook LIVE Webinars

The biggest change for Facebook LIVE webinars is that they will now be broadcast every other week instead of every Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST. Facebook LIVE broadcasts will still be Wednesdays at 2, but the broadcasts will be biweekly instead of weekly.

The next upcoming Facebook LIVE will be on February 26th.

This Facebook LIVE will feature Brian Williams and he will teach you all about “Persuasive Sales Conversations”. During this broadcast, you will be given tools to immediately use to create your own audience-focused, powerfully creative and persuasive sales conversation. Brian will teach the 6 things every presentation must have to truly connect with the prospect and persuade them to action. Don’t miss this great opportunity to grow as a business owner and entrepreneur!

Thanks again to Sarah for helping us give you the latest on what’s new at PPA!

If you’re interested in more PPA updates, visit to browse our library of articles on photography techniques, running a successful business, growing your camera skills, and more. While you’re there, grab a PPA membership to unlock more education and business resources.