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February 21, 2020

What’s Holding You Back From Networking? Check Out These Resources To Learn New Strategies For Expanding Your Professional Circle

Have you had trouble connecting with new photographers lately? Do you want to grow your circle of contacts, but hate networking? Then we have some great resources for you. Check out these articles to learn some networking tips and get a glimpse into a new DIY photo printing technology.

“Networking Is A Social Buffer Deep-Rooted In The Nation”

This article written by Eliza Green for the Daily Titan provides an interesting social perspective that doesn’t make it into many networking pro-tip lists. Green argues that for many individuals their networking capabilities are inherently limited due to social marginalization. Have you examined the way your place in society could be contributing to your networking problems? Sometimes you may have to step out of your comfort zone to try and break down social biases that influence your networking abilities. Check out Green’s article here if you’d like to learn more about her perspective on networking.

“Lean Out (Or A Simple Guide To Networking With Ease)”

Does networking make you uncomfortable? Do you hate being in a room full of strangers, trying to search for a friendly face? In this Forbes article, Helen Krug von Nidda provides networking tips designed to ease you out of your comfort zone. Nidda walks readers through awkward situations like arriving late to the event or seeking out your opposite, and makes the tips on her list seem easy. Check out the article here and try Nidda’s tips today to improve your networking and grow your inner circle.

“Google Photos Run Tests on New Photo Technology That Sends You Prints of Your Best Shots”

In this article, offers an insight to a new $8 a month subscription service that will automatically send you 10 prints of your photos from the last 30 days. This is an exciting innovation in DIY photo print technology, but this service only prints 4x6 inch photos on white cardstock. Remember, services like Google Photos are not competitors for your print business, but it is smart to keep these options in mind for your marketing strategy. 

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