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October 12, 2018

What To Do When Trolls Attack Your Photography Business Page

The interactive nature of social media can be a blessing and curse. On one hand, it’s a lot easier to connect with your clients and receive useful feedback from them. On the other hand, the interactions can be difficult to manage sometimes, especially when it’s clear that the person is looking for attention and not a resolution. You’re familiar with them: Trolls.

Social media marketing experts generally advise that you respond to everyone who leaves a comment - whether they need an issue resolved or just acknowledgement. However, one has to be very tactful when dealing with trolls, who are merely seeking attention and possibly hurting your company’s reputation in the process.Though it may seem like a great idea to simply ignore them, this article on Forbes tells you why (and how) you should respond to them – and what to do if that doesn’t work.

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