What Are You Waiting For? Apply Today To Lead A Spring Photography Workshop And Watch Your Students Grow Their Craft Right Before Your Eyes


Here’s Why You Should Apply To Teach A Spring Photography Workshop!

PPA offers tons of great educational resources to help you grow your skills as a photographer and an entrepreneur. What better way to use the knowledge you’ve gained as a PPA member than to pay it forward by leading a PPA Photography Workshop?

When you lead a workshop you have the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded artists and pass on your legacy as a professional photographer. Have you ever thought that you had a special process in your photo session routine, a process that gives you an advantage compared to others in your specialty?

It’s time to spill your secrets! Be the reason that other photographers shine along with you and inspire your fellow photographers to connect with their passion and raise their profits.

When you apply to teach a Photography Workshop, you aren’t just helping other photographers learn, you’re also giving a gift to yourself. Teaching a workshop awards you two speaking merits per workshops taught! That means you’re eligible for 4 speaking merits if you lead two workshops during the Spring PPA Workshop season. 

If you already have a PPA degree or certification you’re compensated $50 per attendee when you get 8 or more people registered for your workshop! If you have a certification from PPA, you’re losing money by not teaching a PPA Workshop.

There are just a few conditions to keep in mind:

·  Applications are due by February 3rd, 2020.

·  Review the Prep Checklist for your workshop after receiving approval to teach.

·  Send an intro email as outlined in your Prep Checklist.

·  Promote your workshop on social media! As an instructor, you are required to fill your workshop as there are 150 workshops happening simultaneously and PPA cannot recruit attendees for each one.

·  Offer on-site registration.

·  Submit online registration forms via email or mail by May 31st.

·  Provide workshop feedback through your evaluation form.

You won’t regret teaching a PPA Photography Workshop! Check your application off your to-do list today!

Visit PPA.com for more details and stay tuned for the PPA Photography Workshop schedule.