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September 19, 2017

Wedding Contracts, Copyright Infringement and Mirrorless Cameras: Hot Topics on theLoop

theLoop Image.jpgtheLoop is an online platform where PPA members can discuss and share all things related to photography as well as connect with fellow photographers of various styles and backgrounds.

We aren't exaggerating -- posting a question on any one of our countless message boards will most certainly result in a spirited discussion. Why?

Because you are interacting with thousands of professionals eager and able to help you make your career the best it can be. You could talk about the latest app to effectively automate your Instagram posts. You could ask about how you should price your photography services. You are part of a worldwide family, and family takes care of each other! Seriously: Ask anything.

Don't believe me? Check out some of these trending topics on theLoop!


WEDDING CONTRACT PPA Member Alexander M. faced a situation where a client and her fiancé signed a wedding contract with him but later changed their minds. He asked how he could refine his contracts to ensure more client commitment.WEBSITE Michelle M. felt displeased with her current website's quality on WordPress and inquired as to others' opinions on PhotoBiz as a suitable replacement.TO GO, OR NOT TO GO, MIRRORLESS A fresh trend in the photography world is the switch from DSLR cameras to mirrorless ones. Kenneth P. wished to see if others shared his bittersweet vibes on the new craze. (Kenneth seemed a bit more reluctant.)COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT Anthony J. faced arguably the biggest headache of all photographers: Copyright Infringement. However, Anthony sought the aid of his PPA community by asking how he could turn this inconvenient situation into a business-advantageous one.


PPA takes pride in providing a top-notch community to its photographers. With that said, theLoop is at the disposal of every PPA member as an open forum for a range of resources. If you haven't checked theLoop out yet, we strongly encourage you to do so. Who knows! You could have a debate going on in your head right now that's only a few minutes away from being resolved. 

David Eun is the newest Marketing Intern at Professional Photographers of America (PPA). A Boston University alumnus, David earned a B.S. in Advertising and has found himself at PPA, hoping to take his communication skills to the next level! Outside of work, you'll find him training Mixed Martial Arts, hiking, touring museums and saving up to purchase his favorite dog - Doberman Pinscher!