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June 08, 2016

We Need YOUR Help!

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We are very excited to report that members of the House Judiciary Committee are currently working to create legislation which would achieve PPA's top advocacy goal: the creation of a copyright small claims process. 

As a PPA member, help us to advocate for this new legislation on a grassroots level when a bill is introduced. This could take place in the next few weeks! Please join us for an introductory webinar to learn more about how YOU can be involved and help advance copyright for photographers. As PPA mobilizes its efforts on top legislative priorities, YOU CAN HELP! There are 2 sessions to choose from (same content, just different times):

Wednesday, June 8 at 2pm ETThursday, June 9 at 3pm ET

In addition to the webinar, we encourage you to read more about the issue here and sign up to be a part of our Grassroots Action Team, where you'll be given instructions on what to do next (calling your representative, emailing your senator, etc.) As a professional photographer, you have copyright protection but not an effective means of enforcing your rights. This is because the current system practically excludes the vast majority of creators by not offering an adequate enforcement option for small-business copyright holders. PPA has been advocating for the creation of a copyright small claims process for the past ten years! This issue is vital to every professional photographer throughout America--do not miss out on this opportunity to be part of these positive changes!

Mark your calendar and sign up for one of these webinars: Wednesday, or Thursday. See you then!