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August 15, 2018

Watch This Video to Prepare a Successful Sports Photo Shoot

PPAedu releases a new video every month for it’s members, and this month’s video is titled “Sports 101: Planning for a Successful Photo Day” with David Grupa. David is an expert in sports photography, so if you’re interested in getting into this niche, definitely watch this video!

Nothing shows your professionalism as a photographer and business owner more than being prepared for your shoots. Before you pack your gear and head out to the field, what are the necessities for you to conduct a smooth, organized sports photo shoot? David Grupa has all the tricks you need to have your most successful, stress-free photo day ever! In this PPAedu video, he will cover field layout, player identification, sales, crowd control, and more for your sports photo shoots.

David’s been in the photography industry and a member of PPA since 1976. He operates his own studio, Grupa Portrait Studio, with his wife, and he specializes in high school senior portraits, family portraits, and sports team photography. David loves sharing his experiences and knowledge with other photographers, so take advantage and don’t miss out on this PPAedu video!

This video is free for members, along with the 1,000+ videos in PPA’s Online Learning Center. You have to be a member to access this, so join PPA today for 24/7 access to thousands of free, educational videos!