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September 11, 2018

Watch This Free Video for Consultation Tips

Many photographers don’t include pre-portrait consultations in their business model because they either believe they’re pointless or they do them online or over the phone. Lucky for you, PPA releases a free PhotoVision video every month, and in this month’s video, Rachel Williams explains why in-person consultations are so important in the world of professional photography.

The latest PhotoVision video, "Pre-Portrait Consultation” with Rachel Williams, shows you how she runs her pre-portrait consultations and why she has them with all her clients, no matter the session or their age. In these consultations, Rachel talks about settings, themes, and props for the future shoot. She describes the pre-portrait consultation as a necessity for any client and guides you step-by-step including the questions you should ask and the problems you may encounter. You can take notes and add the same strategies to your business!

PPA members have access to this video as well as 1,000 other informative videos due to PPA’s great Online Learning Center. If you want to be a member and have access to all of these videos, join PPA today!