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April 14, 2023

Watch These ‘Bridging the Gap’ Webinars for Photographers

The photography industry has undergone significant changes, creating a growing divide between photographers as artists and clients' needs. As a result, many photographers are working harder for less and not realizing their true worth.

To address this issue, PPA has launched the initiative called "Bridging the Gap." This program was introduced at Imaging USA and aims to provide photographers with the confidence, support, and financial knowledge they need to move forward in their business with courage. "Bridging the Gap" programs focus on key topics such as attracting the right clients, overcoming business fears, mastering in-person sales, and understanding clients' expectations and needs. Through a wide range of resources, including videos, articles, and expert insights from industry insiders and marketing professionals, you'll gain a new, success-oriented mindset.

Our carefully curated collection of viewpoints is designed to help you succeed in your business on your own terms. With "Bridging the Gap," you'll have the tools and resources you need to bridge the gap between your artistic vision and your clients' needs. In November and December 2018, PPA offered free webinars to help photographers understand the Gap and how to overcome it. Even though some time has passed, these webinars remain relevant today. 

Bridging the Gap Between Photographers and Consumers with David Trust

In this Business Challenge Call, PPA CEO David Trust discusses the evolution of the photographic industry and how the GAP program originated. He shares how this program will change the way PPA represents and influences their members into this progressive idea of bridging the gap between professional photographers and their consumers. 

Learn to Speak Your Customer's Language with Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw, author of Lingo, is one of Imaging USA 2019's speakers, and hosted a webinar about the psychology of selling and how ongoing value shifts can affect small business owners.

How to Make Your Business Highly Profitable with Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, is one of Imaging USA 2019's speakers, and hosted a webinar that shares a new approach to profit – taking it first – that instantly changes everything in your business. With this simple yet profound change, any business will become instantly and permanently profitable.

Getting Paid What You are Worth with Phil M. Jones

Phil M Jones is one of Imaging USA 2019's speakers, and hosted a webinar that shows photographers how to get paid what they are worth: finding more of the right kind of customers, commanding higher fees for their work, creating increased repeat orders, accelerating word of mouth and building reputation, overcoming price objections, and much more.

Engaging the Power of Purpose with Brant Menswar

Brant Menswar is one of Imaging USA 2019's speakers, and hosted a webinar that shows photographers how purpose-driven performance can lead to a significant competitive advantage, and how to incorporate it into their photography business. In fact, choosing your purpose is the single greatest driver of passion, innovation, and performance, and Brant Menswar explores that fully in this rock 'n roll-flavored webinar.

Understanding your role as an entrepreneur is vital to your success.  Learn more about consumer-centric topics that will help you Bridge the Gap from PPA Education. View Bridging the Gap speakers and class details from the previous Imaging USA conference too!