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October 30, 2017

[VIDEO] New PhotoVision on Money Handling And Photography Fame!

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Photographers of all skill levels can benefit from PhotoVision's high-quality, rich-content videos! These videos show you the latest and most effective techniques expert photographers currently use to make their work even better, and you can too! See for yourself by checking out today's latest videos hosted by Sue Bryce and Anne Geddes!

Receiving Money

Regardless of your profession, money can be a sensitive topic to discuss. On one hand, you realize you need it in order to survive in your market, but on the other you may sometimes feel dirty and greedy demanding what you're owed. In this video, Sue Bryce walks you through her method of learning how to receive money and managing it confidently.

Anne Geddes on Fame

For many photographers, the dream of your peers not only knowing your name but also revering it constantly floats in their minds. But, what's it like when that dream becomes reality? Anne Geddes shares her experience with fame and how it has influenced her personal life. She discusses the importance of coming from a place of authenticity and focusing on the work, not the photographer.

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