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August 05, 2019

Tune In To A Free PPAedu Video Today!

Here at PPA, we love to provide members with plenty of new things to learn about that will help them grow their business. It’s in this spirit that we encourage prospective members to try the Free PPAedu Video.  A PPA membership is only $27.92 a month and gives members unlimited access to all the photography and business tutorials and more!

This month’s free PPAedu video features Melanie Anderson, an award-winning photographer.  She was recently named a “Top 100 Studio Photographers” in the country and was elected to the PPA Council for 2018-2021.

Melanie frequently travels for public speaking on the topics of education, podcasts, inspired retreats and more. Melanie has public speaking tours named “The Focus Tour” and “Find Your Focus 365”. She has even been a speaker for ImagingUSA.

Melanie is passionate about mentorship as well. She provides educational resources to fellow photographers through her website Anderson Education. Anderson Education includes webinars, e-books, videos, and workshops.

For more information on Melanie Anderson click the link to watch this month’s free PPAedu video here.

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