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August 06, 2019

Top Posts From theLoop: Photo backpacks, Digital Images, and More!

Have you been to theLoop lately? As an exclusive, PPA members-only online forum, theLoop is a great place to network. You can connect with other photographers, share information and advice, and get image feedback on TheLoop. It’s the place to go if you need help from the PPA community.

Not a PPA member? Become one so you can stay “in the loop" on theLoop, and if you already are a member, then head over there to see what everyone's buzzing about.

Lots of great discussions have been happening, so here are a few of the top recent posts:

Photo Backpacks- Do they make a good one?

Finding the right photo backpack can be a challenge. One Looper is in desperate need of a backpack that is designed for wearing and hiking with comfort and great for packing photo gear! If you have any suggestions, add it to the post!

Books and Album Printers

Fellow Loopers, we need your help. This Looper is on the hunt for a photo printing company that does most books and albums in all sizes. This Looper really needs the company to thoroughly color check all of the images they receive. If you know any company that fits all of these characteristics, head over to theLoop and let them know!

Digital Images

The photography industry is constantly adapting to fit the needs of the consumers while trying to maintain the vision of the photographer. This Looper is torn between keeping her photography industry digital free and offering digital images to satisfy her client’s demands.  If you have any advice on this issue, leave a message on the post!

Image Licensing for a Floral Arranger- Need Advice Please

This photographer is trying to sell her images to a floral arranger, but she has no idea how much to charge her. The floral arranger will use the images on her website and social media page, but how much is enough money. This Looper wants to be fairly compensated, but she doesn’t want to charge too much and lose the sale. If you have any advice, let her know on theLoop!

How do you Fire a Client?

After stating her price for her work, this photographer feels as though clients are swindling her because of her experience level. She will not be taken advantage of, and she needs your advice on what to do. Head over to theLoop, and let her know what you would do.

And there you have 'em, the top posts from theLoop this month! Remember to check out theLoop frequently as new discussions are posted daily. It's a great way to catch up with fellow PPA members! Not a PPA member? Join today!