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March 09, 2020

This is NOT a Drill. PPA’s Spring Photography Workshop Registration is Now Open! Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Elevate Your Skills, Fine Tune Your Craft and Excel in Your Business

In less than two months over 175 photo workshops will take place across the country taught by photographers for photographers. These workshops will help you succeed in all different aspects of your photography business. We don’t want you to miss out (and classes DO fill up!) so be sure to plan ahead and pre-register.

As a professional photographer, you already know the importance of professional, technical and business development. This is where PPA comes in! By participating in PPA’s photography workshops, you’re taking the time to invest in your business, improve on your technical skills, grow your professional network and even push your creative boundaries. Our goal has always been to give you the best opportunities with which to learn, grow and cultivate a successful and sustainable photography business.

At these workshops, members and nonmembers alike will be able to come together for specifically tailored sessions on a huge range of topics from posing, lighting, editing and post-processing to sales, studio management, client experience, marketing, sales strategies and more. All you have to do is register for the class(es) you want to attend and the instructor will take care of the rest! 

PPA photography workshops only happen twice a year, so take advantage of the Spring 2020 sessions! Be ready to take notes, ask questions, and learn with a group of like-minded photographers who are just as excited to take their skills to the next level as you are! 

These workshops will be held from May 4 to May 18, so get ready to hone in on your skills and become the best photographer that you can be. Don’t wait until the last minute, take the time to register today. You’ll thank yourself later!