This Brand New Algorithm Will Change the Game of Underwater Photography Forever. Check Out This Article To Learn More About Sea-Thru, the Latest Innovation in Photography


This PetaPixel article by DL Cade highlights an algorithm developed by an oceanographer and engineer from the University of Haifa. Derya Akkaynak’s technology is able to remove the lighting effects from underwater subjects to make the image appear how it would on land.

Cade explains this process by breaking down the way Akkaynak removes the water effects from a photo: “By automatically removing the color cast and backscatter caused by the way light moves through a body of water, she’s able to capture underwater landscapes as they would look to the human eye on dry land—in other words: if all the water were gone.”

Sea-Thru functions by photographing a subject like a reef with a color chart at its base. Akkayanak takes multiple photos from different angles while swimming closer to the reef. According to Akkanayak, after the initial photo, the color chart is no longer necessary.

Cade emphasizes that this process is not the same as changing the lighting in an image with Photoshop. This is a physically accurate change, which corrects the lighting in an underwater photo to look as it would above land.

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