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October 23, 2018

Growing Your Photography Business in a Small Town

Small towns aren’t exactly known for having many business opportunities, so it’s no wonder that people to move to larger cities to find "greener pastures." In this article on Professional Photographer, Stacey Williams Dunse, CPP, shares how she was able make her business flourish in a rural town of only about 1,800 people.

Several years ago, Dunse launched her studio in the tiny town of Webster in South Dakota, and set herself up as a do-it-all photographer. Because of her small market, Dunse thought she had to do a little of everything to make her business work: newborns, families, seniors, sports, passport photos, and just about any other job that walked through her studio door.

In 2015, she made an unforgettable decision to attend Imaging USA, one of the largest annual conventions for professional photographers. In the following five months, Dunse explains the rewarding changes to her business: how she implemented the financial initiatives she learned, and was able to supercharge her profits. 

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