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January 29, 2018

There’s Big Bucks (and Big Experience) Selling a Selling a Senior Portrait Package Up-Front: More on!

201712-4l2a8934__medium.jpgAbout four years ago, Nate Peterson re-crafted his senior portrait program to provide an all-inclusive experience designed to document this important chapter in each subject' life. 

Dubbed "the Grand Experience", Peterson's plan includes a three-hour session, full hair and makeup, and a custom-designed senior album for one price: a grand. Included in the $1,000 fee are events and an incentive program.

Peterson immediately found that the Grand Experience pre-qualifies clients while boosting sales. Instead of photographing on spec and hoping clients would reward his efforts with big purchases, Peterson is selling the full program up front while leaving the door open for additional sales. 

Learn more about the program in this Professional Photographer magazine article "One Grand Plan: Selling a Senior Portrait Package Up Front" on!