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January 06, 2020

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The buzz on theLoop hasn’t died down even though the holiday season is in full swing. The PPA community has been sharing season’s greetings as well as camera tips, image advice, and more. If you’re interested in these topics, don’t forget that theLoop is updated daily. Join the conversation today!

Battery Mono Lights

The Looper who posted this thread is in the market for new lights. He has a home studio but primarily shoots portraiture and fashion photography on location. Many Loopers have offered great suggestions for him, but if you know a reliable and budget-friendly brand of mono lights, join the thread to let him know!

Humor—Photographer’s Wish List

The author of this post shares a fun article perfect for the holidays. Have you ever wished for a gear bag that actually made your gear feel lighter? Have you traveled before and wished there was a security line just for photographers? This Looper knows exactly how you feel. Join this thread to share the photography wishes that you really wanted for the holidays. You could learn that the product you’ve wanted actually exists and all you had to do was ask the right photographers.

What’s Your Social Media Marketing Campaign For 2020?

This Looper is in the New Year’s spirit and is ready to innovate his business for 2020. He’s come to theLoop asking for a helping hand in his social media marketing. What has your strategy been so far? Join the thread to help this Looper grow his social media knowledge and learn some tips and tricks from your fellow members while you’re there.

How Many Megapixels Are Really Necessary?

The author of this post is looking to upgrade his Nikon D800 and usually sticks to 8x10 photos that are primarily shared online. The Loopers who replied to his question have started to share the pros and cons of more megapixels, the biggest pro being the ability to crop photos in more detail, and the con being more computer hard drive space required for the larger files. Add to this conversation to help this Looper out with his decision!

Explanation and Help Regarding “Breaking the Seal”

The Looper who shared this post needs some clarification on the meaning of “breaking the seal” regarding the International Photographic Competition. Many Loopers chimed in explaining that “breaking the seal” refers to merits that an image has received in the district competition. If you want to see their replies in more detail or add more to the conversation, join in this thread today!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the hottest topics on theLoop! This is a community constantly buzzing with photography tips and tricks. If you want more photography related content, check out’s library of articles. Grab a PPA membership while you’re there to take advantage of the educational resources, copyright information, and equipment insurance that PPA provides.