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March 03, 2017

The World Photographic Cup, LEGO Portraits of Your Face, and Improving Your Photographic Eye: Our Top Blog Posts From February 27 - March 3!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Weekly_Top_Ten_Blogger_FINAL.jpgIt's finally Friday, and if that wasn't exciting enough, we've brought you our favorite photography-related blogs from this week! You've made it to the end of another week, so reward yourself by taking a moment to relax and read up on all things photography. Enjoy!

You're Taking Way Too Long to Respond to Your Emails

BUSINESS: The life of a photographer moves fast and between consultations, shoots, and editing, where does the time go? The last thing on your mind during these hectic times is probably your email, but it should be.  Read up on how frequently reading and responding to your emails equates to more money in your pocket.

Winners Announced for the 2017 World Photographic Cup

PRESTIGE: The 2017 World Photographic Cup winners were announced on February 23rd at the WPC 2017 Photo Show at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Yokohama, Japan. Find out which country took home the coveted cup!

7 Steps to Stunning Seascapes for Beginners

TIPS: Changing tides, stunning sunsets, and majestic marine life are just a few of the reasons to try your hand at seascape photography. For those of you looking to get your feet wet (pun intended), there are some basics you should know before you get started.  

In a Photography Slump? Five Steps to Breaking Free

INSPIRATION: It happens to even the best photographers: the dreaded photography slump. Whether your inspiration up and left, or nothing you've captured recently really speaks to you, fear not. As with any creative process, there are times of successes and failures, learning and growth, but the important thing to remember is this rut won't last forever. If you've found yourself feeling low, read up on these tips for turning it around.

How These 6 Instagram Photographers Got a Million Followers 

SOCIAL BRANDING: If you thought Instagram was just an app for amateur photographers and millennials, you thought wrong.  With over 600 million monthly users, Instagram is the perfect place for skilled photographers to share their images and gain a fan base along the way. In this article, six photographers (some with millions of followers!) provide you with insight as to how they cultivated a mass following on Instagram, and how you can, too.

Another Big Camera Store Fails: Why Are So Many Closing?

INDUSTRY TRENDS: For more than 40 years Showcase, Atlanta's largest and last camera store, sold photography and video equipment to customers nationwide. Sadly, on January 5, Showcase announced they were closing their doors for good. Showcase is just one of the many camera stores that have fallen victim to big name retailers and lack of consumer interest. Showcase's general manager John Williams explains why he believes independent camera stores are on the verge of extinction in this eye-opening article.      

Why I Love Wedding Photography

PASSION: Photographer Liam Smith really loves wedding photography, like REALLY loves it. Smith says he doesn't shoot anything else and has no desire to. Where does this passion for capturing others' big day come from? Besides the obvious pressure and emotional connection with clients, Smith reveals the reasons behind his love affair with the wedding niche in this fun testimonial.        

This LEGO Photo Booth Helps You Build Your Portrait with Bricks

FUN: You remember playing with those LEGO building blocks as a kid, but did you know you can now build your face with them? At London's LEGO store you can enter the "Mosaic Maker" photo booth and leave with your own custom LEGO kit. After assembling all its pieces at home, you're left with a LEGO mosaic of your portrait. Read this article to see just how it works and unleash your inner child!    

Improving Your Eye for Photography and Going out to Shoot

CREATIVITY: Inspiration can strike at any time, when you're not expecting it or even when you're expecting something else.  In photographer Ty Poland's case, he set out to capture the perfect wide shot of New York City at sunset, but the other photos he captured on his excursion were even better. See the images and read about Ty's story about stepping out of the box and how changing your perspective can make all the difference. 

How to Get the 'Orange and Teal' Look in Adobe Lightroom

TUTORIAL: If you know anything about color theory, you know that color grading by split toning complementary colors adds visual interest and appeal to an image. Currently trending in photography and editing is the "orange and teal look" which involves, you guessed it, combining orange and teal hues together in a photo.  YouTuber Denny's Tips walks you through the steps to achieve this popular look, and it's perfect for beginners and professionals alike.  

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