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November 03, 2017

The Top 5 Small Business Mistakes, How Instagram’s Photo Filters are Used by Top Users, Enhance Your Photographic Creativity by Restricting It: Our Top Blog Posts for October 30 - November 3

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This Video is a Perfect Parody of Wedding Guests Taking Photos

Anyone who's been hired to be a wedding photographer knows it's one of the most stressful gigs, period. Well, Dunja Djudjic provides us a parody video making light of the issues wedding photographers face when guests become photographers, too.

How Instagram's Photo Filters are Used by Top Users

We've all been there: You just took the best photo ever. But, you can't decide which Instagram filter to use, so you end up scrolling back and forth for 15 minutes. Check out this article by Stefan Pettersson to see how the biggest IG users pick their filters.

Here's a Free Tutorial on Lightroom CC for Beginners

The title says it all: If you're new to the photography game and are looking for tools to help you develop your images, you should take a look at this free video from Photoshop Training Channel on Adobe's newest Lightroom CC app.

Enhance Your Photographic Creativity by Restricting It

Even the most imaginative minds hit a creative slump. Sometimes, we believe the answer is to consider as many ideas as possible to reinvigorate ourselves. Alex Cooke discusses how the answer could actually lie in narrowing our ideas.

'Nice and Simple' is Not the Way to Go in Photography and Video

Simplicity can lead to some of the most wonderful images people have ever seen. However, whenever people want to keep things nice and simple, it's imperative to not make the images too simple. Tihomir Lazarov discusses more in detail.

How to Improve Your Documentary Photography

Documentaries possess the power to not only convey rich information to the public but also move hearts to take action. So, if you're looking to enhance your documentary photography skills, take a look at this article by Scott Choucino.

The Top 5 Small Business Mistakes

Being a small business owner can be stressful. You have bills to pay, you have clients to make happy - The list goes on. Pat Kiernan at CNBC wants to help, so if you're part of a small business here are 5 blunders you should avoid at all costs.

The Basic of Having a Website, and Why They're Still Important

The market is flooded with competition, and getting your name out to your audience is vital to ensuring you even survive. Jack Alexander delves into the importance of creative professionals having and maintaining a quality website.

Why Are You a Photographer?

People pursue photography for many reasons. But, what happens, when you forget why you became a photographer? Jeff Carpenter discusses his story of regaining his passion for photography and his advice for those going through similar struggles.

8 Reasons Why Photographers Should Learn Video as Well

Photographers are masters of stills, and sometimes they believe that's all they need to know to be successful. COOPH argues otherwise. Will Nicholls discusses his top 8 reasons why photographers should add videography to their arsenal.


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