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March 17, 2017

The Rebirth of Tintype, Color Correction, SEO Tips, Wedding Season Inspiration, and Cleaning Your Equipment: Our Top Blog Posts From March 13-17!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Weekly_Top_Ten_Blogger_FINAL.jpgSpring is in the air, and so is the chill of winter... BRRR, it's cold in a lot of places right now! Until the temperatures rise and you're able to head out for some springtime fun, snuggle up with some of the most informative and interesting blog posts in the photography industry this week!

How to Clean Your Tripod and Give it a New Lease on Life

EQUIPMENT HELP: When your photography equipment is clean and well-kept it can make your sessions run much smoother, but if not, it could be a disaster. Don't let dirt and grime rear its ugly head during your shoot! Check out this step-by-step, how-to video on cleaning your tripod. Some of these methods can also be applied to some of your other equipment! 

The Art of Low-Angle Composition 

PERSPECTIVE: Changing your perspective can change your photography, leading to more creative and challenging shoots. Light Stalking has an article up with four reasons you should try taking low-angle photos. The article features examples and may just help you stretch yourself in a direction you haven't thought of before.

Recognizing Flaws in Your Photography Website

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: More than likely, your website is your initial consultation...the first thing your potential client sees. But if you're using flash or aren't mobile-responsive, you're rapidly being left in the dark ages. FStoppers has "Eight Reasons Why Your Photography Website Sucks". From grammar to design, there's a lot to make sure you're doing right. 

The Rebirth of Tintype: An Old Photographic Medium Is Revitalized

OLD BECOMES NEW: The progression of technology has made today's photography universal, instant and easily accessible, but the resurgence of Tintype counters this trend. Tintype photography takes much more time, involves chemicals and metals, and a little chemistry. Read this article about the rebirth of these vintage photographs, and see if it's right for you!

Fashion & Editorial Portrait Photography Tutorial

COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY:  Photographers have always documented the evolution of fashion for magazines and billboards, and as fashion changes so should photography. Watch this up to date video with Clay Cook about shooting fashion and editorial portrait photography that fits today's landscape.

How to Simply Correct Localized Color Issues Using Photoshop

COLOR CORRECTION: When shooting close-up portraits on clients it's easy to see imperfections in their skin. As a professional, you must correct these issues before presenting the photographs to the clients. Go through some of the steps and corrections notated in this post to see if you've missed anything in your editing session!

Video: Engagement & Wedding Inspiration

ADD TO YOUR WATCH LIST: Wedding season is approaching and for wedding photographers that means business will be booming! To put your best foot forward and giver your clients the best finished product, brush up on your photography skills with a few of the newest wedding and engagement inspiration videos from PhotoVision!

How to Create a Solid Backup Strategy for Your Photos

CYA & WORKFLOW: Many photographers have questions about the best way to back up their photos. The problem is, they seek this information after they've run into trouble. They either thought their plan was good enough, or they didn't have one at all. Get ahead of the pack and figure out an accident-proof backup strategy for your photos with tips from this article! 


7 Need to Know Photography "SEO" Tips

ONLINE MARKETING: As a professional photographer you must focus on more than just your craft; there's a business aspect too and SEO plays a big part in that. Some photographers don't know what SEO is, or how to optimize it. Here's an article about how to optimize and interpret SEO for photographers!

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