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December 05, 2018

That Photo Shoot on Train Tracks is Not Worth Losing Your Life Over

Being adventurous when it comes to photography is generally seen as impressive – unless it’s dangerous and illegal. Despite several news reports of people dying or getting terribly injured while photographing (or being photographed) on train tracks, people still continue this practice. In this article on Thelawtog, Pam Moleski highlights more than enough reasons you shouldn’t even consider shooting on railroad tracks.

Moleski states that according to Operation Lifesaver, Inc., a train strikes a person or vehicle every three hours in the United States: perhaps this is why shooting on railroad tracks is illegal. That’s right, it is considered trespassing and you could be fined. More importantly, it is imprudent and dangerous for a ton of reasons, including the fact that tracks that appear “abandoned” may not really be abandoned at all. Moleski also explains that there are plenty of instances where you may not even hear the train coming!

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