PPA is in D.C. Planning Your Year of Copyright Protection

Your PPA Advocacy Team is once again off to D.C! This will be the last trip for this year and the last trip before this congressional session comes to an end.

Making Copyright Laws Work for You

PPA knows how unfair this is for professional photographers, and has been actively trying to improve copyright protection for them. The best way to do this is to create a small claims process that will make taking copyright infringers to…

PPA’s Stance on Copyright Laws

PPA takes copyright seriously and constantly pushes for copyright reform in Washington D.C. PPA specifically advocates for three things.

Copyright vs. Conscience: Why Legal Action Isn’t Always the Right Move

When discussing the topic of infringement and copyright, you may think there’s no excuse for it. Professional photographers are constantly fighting against having their copyrights violated. However, Blair Bunting tells a different story on why sometimes it’s better to back…

PPA in D.C.: Fighting for Copyright

Your PPA Advocacy Team is back in D.C lobbying for your copyright protections! Stay tuned for more updates and keep sending your letters!

The Fight for Copyright: Rebecca’s Story

Photographers with higher incomes predominantly benefit from today's laws, but these same rules don’t protect middle-class professionals like Rebecca. Check out Rebecca’s story from The Copyright Alliance on the battle for the rights to her own image.

Be Careful How You Use Stock Imagery on Social Media

An acclaimed and popular photographer on Instagram has been caught posting stock imagery without attribution. Daryl Aiden Yow is an Insta-star from Singapore who has 104,000+ followers and, in the wake of the controversy, has issued an apology. Read the full…

Copyright Small Claims on Capitol Hill, PPA D.C. Trip

PPA's advocacy team is heading back to D.C again! As many of you know there is a lot going in Congress right now and we need to make sure that Copyright Small Claims stays on the radars of many of…

PPA’s in D.C. Fighting for Copyright Protection!

You Advocacy Team has headed back to D.C again! We are making progress on small-claims copyright protection but it is important to make sure we continue to meet with Congress members and remind them why H.R 3935- The CASE act…

The Fight for Copyright Change Continues – Make Your Voice Heard!

Don't stop fighting! Demand your representatives co-sponsor or vote for H.R. 3945, which provides long overdue, much-needed and meaningful legislative relief for the photographers and artists currently squeezed out of the legal system by the high cost of bringing suit…

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